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Task reassignment history for a single task

Task reassignment history for a single task

As a user

I would like to see - at a glance on the task info page -  the full history of the specific single task reassigned to me (i.e. who reassigned it, when and with what comment)

So that I save some clicks, the effort to filter out information related to other tasks of the same change, and the time to attend a training that teaches me how to visualize the related Change Object process tab



In other words, it seems that currently the task history is shown only for all the tasks related to the change object, without a one to one mapping to the single task. Ideally, a table

"Task ID :: History of that specific tasks" 

should also be exposed as ODATA endpoint.



The Process status tables today show the reassignment history and comments on Task information pages.  We have this on several OOTB workflow tasks and it is easy to configure in using the Native Task Template capability


Here is an example of the view in the Workflow task




When editing the Native Task Template it is seen as the Process Status table






Hi Jeff,


thanks for your comment. I guess my idea was not very well explained then. Can you please show a workflow where we have let's say:

  • 1 Change Activity and 3 Workflow Tasks linked to it
  • The three workflow tasks should have same title
  • Two of the three workflow task had been previously reassigned - ideally multiple times each

And, under this scenario, can you please show "which is which", meaning which "line in the task reassignment history" refers to which "line in the process status history" ?

Community Manager
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