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Tighter integration between SIM and WTPart-Structures

Tighter integration between SIM and WTPart-Structures



This following feature is heavily demanded from the area of plant engineering & construction:


Those companies have defined all their product variants in CAD/WTPart. And with a profiling-like feature, they can "click" together a specific configuration to get a specific product-variant/-configuration.


Now, these companies want to create their technical documentation/service documentation as easy as they "click"-configure their product.


These companies do NOT want to create separate information structures and attach textmodules to it.




What is needed is, that we can attach relevant documentation directly to the WTPart in Windchill. So if some technical documentation is needed for a specific WTPart, the author should be able to create a new textmodule (dynamic document).


These textmodules should be classified as well, so that the user can say, that an attached textmodule is relevant for service, maintenance, enduser, spare-parts, etc.


Consider that the whole WTPart-structure is enriched with these classified modules and the user would like to create an enduser-manual for a specific product configuration.


Now, a process should collect all relevant textmodules and automatically create a publication structure (based on rules for collection and creation). It should be possible to manually re-edit thie Publication Structure, for example doing some re-arrangements of the modules, etc.




With this, we'd have a really tight integration to WTPart/Engineering.


Although all data can be already managed today in Windchill, the overall workflow is considered a non-integrated one with engineering, because all the relevant structures have to be manually created.


There seems to be a rumor, that in the day-to-day work, the engineering view might differ too much from the service-view, that's why the information structure was invented in the first place and that's why there isn't any synchronisation between engineering and service at all.


During many presentations and discussione we found out, that maybe the opposite is more true and that the customers are demanding a more "in-sync" (!!!) (wie wäre es mit "syncronized"? stattdessen) integration of the whole authoring process with the engineering information.
At the moment, this is too much manual work (see also our idea for auto-generation of an information structure at Service Information Manager: Autogeneration of Inf... - PTC Community).




Thanks for consideration,


you Windchill-Team@DATACOPY

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