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To be able to manage Material File In Windchill

To be able to manage Material File In Windchill

To be able to manage the Creo material file and share the Creo Material Attribute with an EpmDocument to create automatically a material WTPart and share Attributes between theses objects

1) Need to be able to save from creo a material file to the workspace , to associate it with a SubType of EpmDocument and associate it to a WTPart.

2) Need to be able to designate Material Attribute to share with the EpmDocument.( Conductivity , Resistance etc...)

22-Sapphire I

This functionality exists - but requires that you "enable" the material file type to be managed in the workspace.  PTC might be able to make this a bit more clear how to do.


Yes but we can not designate and share attribute with epmdocument.

So you can not use upload soft type functionnality to associate it with a specific wtpart

Maybe i'm wrong...

22-Sapphire I

True.  It's been a few years, but I've been in at least 5 PTC Windchill technical committee meetings about how to optimally handle materials - lots of discussion that illustrates the challenges and complexity but haven't yet really seen a solution.  Need at a minimum to address:

- select / assign material in CAD, primarily for: overall mass, center of mass, properties that result from the material being used, etc.

- be able to parametrically call out the material on drawings

- have material available for analysis (FEA, etc.) from CAD

- pass the material to WTParts, in such a way that: material can be purchased, rec'd, etc.; where used on materials can be used, etc. (but very complex because of finishes, cleaning materials, coatings, colorants, purchased assemblies, etc., etc.)

- ideally, build up a set of materials in Windchill as an object type and have a process around them

- more to it...

But, agree that at a minimum, should be able to select in CAD (not just Creo, but also SW, others) and have it show up on WTParts.



yes . Creo MTL file management is quite "simple" .

Even for Catia V5 it is a better situation  .... at least we can manage Material libraries and keep reference link to CAD parts to be able to do "used by" analysis ...


anyway , as Mike said ... lot of discussions in TCs ... notably backport flex PLM material object and merge it with CAD needs  ... to be able to correctly use it in any PTC module (Creo, PDMlink, MPMlink, Analytics etc ...)


duplicate from this idea


please vote  ... we are near to have done all of this features by customization ... but still hope to be able to de customize in Windchill 15 


It needs to be lifecycle managed to release and phase out

Superceeding capabilities with mass replacement would be great too

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