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To have a synthetic view of the change objects

To have a synthetic view of the change objects

We can summarize the data model of changeobjects as follows :

We can quickly have many objects linked to a change request.

Our users asked for a synthetic view of all changeobjects linked to a change request to be able  :

  1. to look at their whole change objets at a simple glance.
  2. to navigate easily between all the objects

In Winchill 6, we developed a customized page that looks like the following :

Every level can be developped :

We kept this page in Windchill 9.1

We are starting a project to upgrade our Windchill version to use the 11.x and our first thougth is to do as follow, using a split pane :

The navigation in the left pane and the details of the objects in the right one.

So our request is to get this function (synthetic view and easy navigation) directly in the standard Windchill.

Related idea : Create Change Request templates in Windchill 11


I agree that it should enhance the navigation between the change objects.  In CAPA (WQS) there is a similar interface implemented. Hope to see that solution ported to Windchill  Change Management.




This looks like the attached screenshot. On the left the different objects and on the right side the information. Unfortunately this CAPA View is programmed not very intelligent and your not be able to configure anything. But the idea is great. I placed this idea for Problem Report, Change Request and Change Notice already at PTC. Perhaps we see something like this in future.


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