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Uploaded objects should not block other users

Uploaded objects should not block other users

Assume following situation:

  1. User A creates a new CAD model with the number test.prt.
  2. User A uploads the object to his server side workspace.
  3. User B also creates a new CAD model with the number test.prt.
  4. User B tries to check in the object test.prt to the commonspace.

At the fourth step User B gets following error in the message area:

Checkin failed: test.prt. See the Event Management console for details.

The event management console shows following error:

"test.prt" has been assigned a temporary number to enable workspace upload.  Using rename a permanent number must be reassigned prior to check-in


In my opinion User B should not be blocked by the workspace object of User A.

He should be able to check in the object to the commonspace.


That is the reason why I prefer a solution like from the idea Make Creo flexible with alternate part names. This would make it much more flexible. A number will be assigned to the CAD-Document-File, but this will not be the display name in Creo.

What do you simply do if somebody references on test.prt ? Which one should be downloaded, the one from User A or B ? You cann't assume that the parts are similar or something else? Sorry this is nonsense what you want to get.

Hi @kogler_leopold,

if you've carefully read the assumption of the situation, you would have recognized that test.prt does not exist in the commonspace yet.


Actually the first one uploaded does exist in commonspace. It is just not viewable, ootb, by anybody, except for the owner and wcadmin, until after checkin. During the initial upload of a new cad object Windchill creates an entry in the EPMDocumentMaster table and the EPMDocument table.

So in this case the winner is the first one to upload.

After uploading a new object it's still located only in the workspace (also see About Data Management in Creo in the Help Center).

And this object should not block another user, when he tries to check-in an object with the same name.

A PDMLink workspace is part of Windchill PDMLink (or commonspace) of which all cad documents are required to have unique numbers and file names.. A workspace just happens to be a context that is visible only to the owner and wcadmin. Try an experiment:

  1. take a look at the EPMDocumentMaster and EPMDocument tables at an existing checked in cad document
  2. have a user create and upload a new cad object
  3. Notice the new cad object is now in the EPMDocumentMaster and EPMDocument tables just like any other checked in cad document

You can create the same new number (as in an existing PDMLink workspace) if your workspace is a ProjectLink workspace.

PTC would have to do some major rework to support new same number/file name objects in different PDMLink owned workspaces. Database schema changes, api changes, ...

Alright, I see, you've a deeper understanding of Windchill's architecture.

Nevertheless, we've the requirement to not get blocked by workspace objects as described further up.

Emerald II

@RandyJones, I believe the universal upload capability WILL allow files to be uploaded even when they have filename/number conflicts.  Assuming this is the case, then the first person to actually check in should win, not the first person who ever uploaded.  In the case of an already existing object, then obviously the second one to create something with the same name (and upload) will still need to rename prior to check in.

@TomU, First one to upload wins. I just tried to make sure - Windchill 11.0 M030-CPS08, Creo Parametric 3.0 M160

The upload will fail for the 2nd one attempting to upload with:

CAD Part  - foo.prt is not unique.


Emerald II

@RandyJones, Do you have the preference 'Allow upload with numbering conflicts' set to yes?  (See CS179676)


Edit:  Note this line in the KB article:  "It does not prevent users from uploading objects that exist with the same filename/number as in the Commonspace."

Emerald II

@TomU, I do not have the 'Allow upload with numbering conflicts' preference set to yes. I didn't even know it existed until now. I am going to test this on a test server sometime and see what happens.


From reading Dominic's posting the issue is not with the filename.   The fact that a model with the duplicate filename exists in another users workspace should not prevent user B from being able to check-in his model.   However, when user B uploaded the CAD model it was assigned a temporary number (number must also be unique).  Prior to check-in the user must use the rename operation to confirm that they are okay with the temporary number or assign it an appropriate number prior to check-in.

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