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Using advanced search for "alias" type attributes

Using advanced search for "alias" type attributes

Requesting the ability to search –via advanced search – for attributes that are of the “alias” type on an object.  The usage of alias attributes is to reduce customization and data duplication in the system using OOTB functionality and enable users to search on all data that is “shown” on the details page of an object regardless of attribute Type.  The end user does not have an understanding that an attribute is of “alias” type and would not be eligible for searching.  This is not consistent with the rest of the product.

Use cases:

1)      For CAD documents we place the releasing CN number on the CAD Document itself so that a designer knows what change is authorizing this change, it also is referenced on the face of the drawing.  Because of this process, designers use the CN number to search for the CAD Document/Drawing that they are working on.

2)      Raytheon has implemented a customization around CDRLs to that provides an over-arching contract and scheduling mechanism for CDRLs.  For this implementation we need to reference the Contract # on the CDRL itself.  Again, to reduce customization and data duplication we have leveraged an alias attribute to push the contract # down onto all CDRLs that are managed by the contract.  This again is an attribute that users will search to find a specific CDRL or group of CDRLs that they need to work on.  Otherwise a custom report would need to be written to complete simple search functionality.


Hello Mr. Brodsky,

to declare your alias attribute as searchable, by adjusting the advancedSearch.wt.epm.EPMDocument property at the would bring you the possibility to add an alias attribute as criteria. Would this be the functionality you're looking for?



Alas, not. This is not an EPMDocument issue - it applies to ALL object types.  Our business need is for packages.

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