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Viewable publishing - new configuration to allow 2D drawings to have higher priority than 3D data

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Viewable publishing - new configuration to allow 2D drawings to have higher priority than 3D data

1. Describe your environment: What is your industry? What is your role in your organization? Describe your stakeholders. 

= Global tier1 automotive supplier, PDM Manager, all CAD teams and drawing "consumers".

2. What version of Windchill are you currently running?


3. Describe the problem you are trying to solve. Please include detailed documentation such as screenshots, images or video. 

  1. For publishing CAD data, we already have multiple CAD licenses and multiple queues dedicated for publishing.
  2. Some of our CATIA 3D data takes 60 minutes to publish - thus locking the queue for other entries
  3. Dedicated CATIA publishing licenses are expensive and we do not want to purchase more licenses specifically for publishing.
  4. CS289350 shows how to customize and publish CAD drawings with higher priority than 3D data.
  5. Add a new OOTB publishing configuration to allow configuration to prioritize publishing 2D drawings over 3D data.

4. What is the use case for your organization? = Internally, our company still uses 2D as the primary deliverable. 

This will speed up 2D drawing publishing.

5. What business value would your suggestion represent for your organization?

Avoid purchasing new licenses and/or avoids customization.

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Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thank you @GaryWalling for your idea. Based on the information you provided, we are acknowledging it as the Community management team. This is not a commitment from the Product team. Other users may comment and vote your idea up.

22-Sapphire I

In general, priorities are managed using the settings, especially including publish.publishqueue.priorities. (many properties).

Refer also to this CS on it (not much info here): CS289350


Key is to use the properties / filter method on "Document Category" which then can be used to select Drawing about other EPMDocument Categories.  Don't use the CAD Doc Number or other attributes - has to be Document Category.



Alternatively, you can consider to use client-side viewable generation for CATIA drawings. You can turn it on from wgmclient.ini and get 3 types of viewable format for CATIA drawings. This capability was introduced in Windchill 11.1.M020,


More information is available in Generating Client Viewable (


@YodaKim, thanks for the hint. We'll investigate this option.


WVS offers rich capabilities to enhance existing queuing and prioritizing principles with your own logic. As @MikeLockwood pointed out, with is done by implementing your own publish.publishqueue.priorities.filtermethod. Such kind of customizations are usually very small and easy to implement. A good starting would be CS132318 .



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Following up on the last comment.