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Visualization of a Product Structure with Parts associated to a CAD document using Image Link

Visualization of a Product Structure with Parts associated to a CAD document using Image Link

To suppport multiple cad document related to one Part you can use Image link as an association to a Part.

For example a sealing ring, you ca have one model that shows the sealing in a unmounted state. This model have a Owner Link to the Part.

Then you have one or more cad document that have the sealing ring modelled in a mounted state. (changed diameter).

These CAD document you associate with Image Link to the same Part.


Then you use the mounted models (with image loinks) in a Cad ssembly.

If go to the CAD structure tab an looka the visualization tab, this visualisation shows the correct cad representations.

But if you go the Part Structure tab this visulaization is incorrect.

Here you see the default representation of the Part, which is the represenation of cad model with owner link.


So, the enhancemnet that must be fixed, ic that it showed be posible to dynamically visulaise a part structure with parts that have image linked cad documents.

This visualization is vital in Manfuacturing Product Structure Browser (MPMLink)


Agree.... PTC implements Image links for "flexible - alternate reps" CAD models , but does not support it in BOM dynamic visualization ...


John Deer has made great keynotes during Liveworx 2017. And this limitation was the key point as they use intensively CreoView for Digital Mockup review in a BOM context with Options and Variants. And lead them to a custom "not state of the art" solution, by duplicating these alternate CAD models in "dummys" WTparts with a common numbering schema. And then "truncate" the dummy number when sending to ERP ...


But I was particulary disapointed when talking with Deer and PTC product managers (MCAD integration and Viz) , to know why they do not enhance the Viz service to publish and load "image viz" at occurence level for that case.

Deer has Project milestone that I can understand.

But apparently PTC does not plan to implement this cause no other potential customers !?


I really don't understand why ...  regarding PTC roadmap and  all the potential features that will need it !     Dynamic Viz of configurable products,  Augmented Reality, Digital twins, Manufacturing or Industry 4.0 (MES, Control Characteristics and 3D work instructions) , etc ...



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This functionality is currently being planned for implementation as part of the Windchill release with follow-on work planned for future releases to handle legacy data.


In order to address this the build service will now populate an additional field on each occurrence link to indicate the CAD document master from which the occurrence link came from.  That will be used as part of the dynamic visualization process to correctly identify and visualize the correct representation of the part based on it's usage instead of it's default representation.


In addition to the correct visualization, part of the implementation of this project required the publishing process to correctly populate the part information onto the representation of the image associated CAD document.  This will be available along with the release as well.


This functionality is implemented in for PSB