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WGM - show icon for DocPart

WGM - show icon for DocPart

We're bringing on lots of new users using NX and SolidWorks, and in the Workspace of the Work Group Manager the icon for a DocPart is the same as the Part!?! The only way to tell if the object you're looking at is a Part or a DocPart is to hover over it or open it.



Have you tried changing the colour of the "cog" icon for the sub-type in Type & Attribute Manager ?  I thought there was a CS doc on doing this on PTC website, but I can't find it now.  Anyway, it is fairly simple for 'wcadmin' account to do this.

We have done this for testing with Electrical Parts, by taking a copy of the standard cog icon, re-colouring it green (eg. in Photoshop), giving it a new filename "part_elec.gif" and using that for the sub-type, as shown below.


There was, and still is, an issue that it only shows up green in a standalone browser, and on the object's info page, like this :


but annoyingly not in the WGM where it shows the default grey icon (from the parent type?) instead, and this is still the case in v10.2 M030 (I just checked...), as it is described in CS6951

and shown below :


However, if you make a new browser window from your WGM by pressing Ctrl-N, then you get a view of the same Workspace or folder shown in a standalone browser window, and the icon shows up in green


Alternatively, can you configure your Preferences (or procedures) to only make WTParts for CAD Documents not all Documents ?   I think it is common practice to make them for the 3D CAD model files but not for the 2D CAD drawing files - and maybe that's where the problem lies....  doesn't NX store 2D drawings inside 3D model files ?

For example have you experimented with the effect of setting these Preferences (which are specific for NX files) :

Workgroup Manager Client / Drawing Definition

Workgroup Manager Client / Mapping System Attributes and File Properties / Assembly System Attribute

Workgroup Manager Client / Mapping System Attributes and File Properties / Drawing System Attribute


I'm just a user, so I don't think I have permissions to do this.  And PTC said it is a huge deal to get this fixed.

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