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WPA Functionality for companies using raw materials in their BOM’s

WPA Functionality for companies using raw materials in their BOM’s

Ref: Case 13616829


If your company fabricates parts then you need this capability. Say you make molded plastic parts from bulk mold compound.  While WPA accommodates the Materials and Substances in such materials, it does not allow them to be in a bulk unit of measure, i.e. weightless. These items are not Supplier Parts in the usual sense of a discrete item that can be used as multiples of Each.  Rather, the BOM coming from PDMLink, for example would have the Company Part for the bulk material with the amount being used (so many Grams).  On the WPA side this Company Part would connect to a general Supplier Part, assigning the respective weight to it, then connecting down to its existing Materials and Substances. 

This product enhancement will allow use of raw materials with a generic Supplier Part to generate Class D IPC-1752A material declarations that are correct. Otherwise, generating the IPC report will not connect the parent part weight to assign the correct raw material part weight.

Use case: Part no. 123 is a Company Part representing a bulk mold compound, with an associated Supplier Part and its Materials and Substances.

BOM A calls for part no. 456 with a quantity of 3.75 g of part 123 as a final discrete part.

BOM B calls for part no. 789 with a quantity of 0.005 g of part 123 as its final discrete part.

Both BOM’s can then use part no’s 456 and 789 in whatever units of Each are called for in the design.

This solution should be compatible with BOM’s mastered in Windchill PDMLink. Company Parts are in the BOM, when received by WPA the Materials and Substances loaded under the bulk material parts allow seamless ability to generate Class D IPC declarations.

Alternate use cases: This enhancement benefits all companies making products using a bulk material in their products:  solder and solder paste, fillers and underfill, conformal coating, paint, plating, adhesives molded plastic, formed metal, sintered metal, die cast metal, die cut parts from sheets, foam-in-place packaging, and so forth.


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See attachment for picture of a proposed solution.


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