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Where-used Table Enhancements

Where-used Table Enhancements

I would like to see the following enhancements to the where-used table (both EPMDocuments and WTParts):

  • Rename current "Latest" view to "Latest using" or something that conveys previous revisions are shown in cases where the parts/models removed the component
  • Add Lifecycle State column (reference idea #5751, Display LifeCycle State in "Where used" tab.)
    • Create view that shows latest minimum lifecycle state (show previous "Released" version when latest revision is "In Work")
  • Add column to show whether displayed object is latest revision of the object (reference idea #1057, Where Used Report - is it the latest?)
    • Create view that only shows where-used objects that are the latest version of that object (filter out where the child has been removed)
  • Add the ability to have custom views of the table (reference idea #5143, Add custom view into the where-used tab" tab.).


good summary of all the various ideas flying around.

What users need is easily manageable to see in a table. PTC just need to add new columns that flag the information required.

Best regards

fingers crossed

Best regards


This is an absolute must.


I know at least in 10.1 you don't have the same table filter in Where used like you do in other areas of Windchill.  I haven't seen 10.2 or 11.0 yet and if it's not in either of these versions then I would love to see that as well. 


Closed as Duplicate as this is already being tracked per the Product Ideas referenced above.

Status changed to: Acknowledged
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Could you tell me if this is still on the radar?


I would also like to add that it would be nice to be able to view not only the part attributes, but the uses link attributes as well.


Hi, any update especially for the topic "add ability to have custom views of where-used table"?

The linked Idea has been closed as duplicate.


Our users are also interested in such a basic function.


don't forget the I button. In fact, PTC should review all their tables they use, and allign the functionality. if you see an object no matter in which table, you need to be able to perform all the same action in all the tables. This is a major frustration for customers, and would speed up the adoption process of various more advanced features in WT. Maybe they should browse through good old Model Manager...


Do you have any news about this(these) request(s)? Any forecast if they´ll make their way into the product? 


added my vote. The Where Used view definitely needs an improvement.

Only one comment:

to accomplish these requests probably they'll need to change the way they structure the information.

In case of filter "All revisions" it's obvious: if parameters and usage information are added then they will have to dedicate a row for each parent WTPart revision (instead of listing them in the "Version" column).




                                   Description                    Rev               Quantity (Usage)


  • Parent1             left arm 110 mm             rev 4             1
  • Parent1             left arm 115 mm             rev 3             2
  • Parent1             left arm 115 mm             rev 2             2
  • Parent1             left arm 115 mm             rev 1             2





Could anyone tell me if these enhancements are coming to any newer versions of Windchill?



These enhancements would bring a big benefit for our Users. At the moment, the Where Used - Tab is pretty confusing, you never know which Part you actually choose when you just see the Windchill Number and Windchill Name, because our Windchill Name is not a unique Attribute.




Any movement on this topic? It was requested with WC 10.1 and since then PTC has released WC 10.2, 11.0, 11.1, 11.2 and 12.0 with no changes to this table. My users are just looking to add State to the table right now, but there are so many other good pieces of information that could be displayed here. What would it really take to update this table? It does not seem like a big development effort since the table editing components already exist in WC. 


Another good point to this request is that Where Used throughout Windchill should be consistent. Why can we already make custom views for CAD Docs, but not Parts? Hopefully any new work here will apply to all Parts, especially Supplier Parts. 


If you have not voted this up yet, please do!




I agree with comments from Scott. My business users have been asking the same question from last 3 years and every time we had to say “it’s not technical feasible to customize Where-Used table view” . It would be really nice to have this implemented.


@ScottMorris , in the 11.2 they did add the state information in the Where Used "Latest"