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Windchill 10.1, M030 not compatible with Creo 3.0

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Windchill 10.1, M030 not compatible with Creo 3.0

Pricol Ltd is the major global manufacturer and supplier of automotive parts,auto components and automobile accessories to the leading OEMs.  We have used PTC products like Windchill 100+ licenses and Creo nearly 300+ licenses from 2001 onwards.  We have recently upgrade Windchill 10.1 with the date code of M030 on 2013.  In this we have started CAD integration with Creo version of 2.0 as per the Windchill 10.1 M030 software matrix. 

We are unable to use the Creo version 3.0 with new date code even though this is the PTC products.  We struct to implement the new version of creo in our organization, if we implemented CAD integration will not taken place.  Missing uniformity of software version across plants.  We have seven plants in India.

Suresh V V - Pricol

21-Topaz I

I think you have opened this idea in the wrong section, because it's about Windchill and not Integrity.

Can you confirm?

If I'm right, you can ask Toby to move it for you.


I moved this idea to the Windchill community.

23-Emerald II

That is a drawback to using any 2 products from the same company or other companies. the versions are highly integrated together.

Windchill 10.1 M030 was released in January 2013 and M040 in April 2013. Creo 3 F000 was released in July 2013 and is compatible with m040.

Your only solution is to migrate your Windchill to a newer build of 10.1 or upgrade to 10.2 or even 11.

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