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Windchill should support stamping of drawings and documents during release process

Windchill should support stamping of drawings and documents during release process

Every customer has a releaser/releaser date and approver/approver date information on the drawings and documents which need to be released.

Today Adobe LC server provides this capabilities but requires additional server, licenses and is complicated to be set up.

Most customers avoid Adobe Server by republish the data in the release process which is error prone and ressource intensive.

A more robust and easy solution should be provided ootb since this is such a common requirement.



please vote for

enhance Watermarks in Creo View

to be able to dynamically stamp any Windchill PLM information (Wtpart or CAD or Change) without republishing



I also would prefer that PTC drops finally the Adobe Lifecycle server. To create a PDF from a Word Document it's so easy to do it with CSharp.

c# - How do I convert Word files to PDF programmatically? - Stack Overflow

So what PTC has to do is, to be sure, that all the Properties are synchronized.

For Drawings INNEO has created the product "GeniusTools Release Information Delegate Service" to update the drawing with the approver from the Promotion Request or get the first model or drawing creator.

But sure, it would be great to have the possibility to have something printed directly to the PDF. As also e.g. the WTPart Number to the drawing.


Paperless" Drawings are a long way off at best for most companies.  The reality is that most companies communicate internally and externally by way of PDF that may or may not get printed to a hard copy.  In my opinion, accommodating digital signatures and/or electronic seal (PE, P.Eng) on PDF's should be considered a foundation capability of a PLM (and probably PDM) system.

The same holds for Documents.

CADWorker can generate PDF of Drawings, so why is Adobe Livecycle required to make PDF of Document?

Ideal functionality would enable presentation of an open document for review and application of digital signature or electronic seal.  Application of watermarks, signatures or seals by workflow or other wrapper creates a bit of a risk exposure.  If something had to be open to have the signature applied proves at least that the docuemnt was open, whereas workflow based watermarks can be applied without the user ever actually opening (and reviewing?) the actual content. 

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Check out the advanced watermarking solution from the extension center. It is fast and has many capabilities to stamp approver/dates to pdf up to adhoc watermarking during download. Available as cloud and on premise

User Documentation - Watermark Advanced (