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Workgroup Manager displays internal value of Enumerated Value List instead of the display name

Workgroup Manager displays internal value of Enumerated Value List instead of the display name

The embedded browser of the Windchill Workgroup-Manager can only display the internal names of an attribute, if an Enumerated Value List is attached to this attribute. This only applies to Workspaces. When switching to the common space, the proper display name is shown. This can lead to time and cost consuming misunderstandings in the development and manufacturing process. For further details refer to the attached pictures.


we use yet not much of the lists but there will be more of them. So I agree that it's for users confusing.


We had to convert from enumerated lists to legal value lists because of this issue.


It gets even worse as we just noticed with a mutlivalue attribute.

Only the first value with internal value is shown in the Workspace, as can be seen in the following screenshots. 


The attribute "Prüfplannummer" is a multivalue attribute, which uses an enumaration. Internal values are "1", "2", "3" etc, display values


Internal Value Display Value German
1 PP1 | 2.2 Werkserzeugnis | S/CH-Nr.Pflicht: ja
2 PP2 | 3.1 Abnahmeprüfzeugnis | S/CH-Nr.Pflicht: ja
3 PP3 | FDA Konformitätserklärung | S/CH-Nr.Pflicht: nein






This is not state of the art anymore. Customers expect to see the value, even if only the internal value is transported to the cad application.

I understand, that in some situations it is useful to see the value transported from and to the CAD system, since most cad systems cannot handle translated enumerated lists. I would suggest to solve the issue the following way:

  • show the translated value in the workspace UI, but add its internal value in brakes behind the value
    <display value> (<internal value>)  e.g. red (1)

Additionally multi language attributes are an annoying issue for several years now. 
For the interchange with the CAD system I would recommend to transport not only the internal value to the cad system but also its translated values.

To get this to work I would recommend to add the language to the internal attribute name.
And only the internal attribute values should be exchanged bi-bidirectionally.



Attribute nameInternal ValueEnglish (EN)German (DE)


In the CAD System the following attributes would be created if not exist or updated:

COLOR = 1                 exchange: PDMlink <=> CAD both directions

COLOR_EN = red       exchange: PDMlink  => PDMLink to CAD only

COLOR_DE = rot        exchange: PDMlink  => PDMLink to CAD only





In the discussion, several topics were mentioned and would separate those into different use cases - also because they might require different solutions.

  1. Display of WTParts with enumerated list / multi-language attributes in WS
  2. Display of CAD documents with enumerated list / multi-language attributes in WS
  3. Handling of enumerated list / multi-language attributes and their mapping to CAD attributes
  4. Display of attributes with  multiple values in WS table display

(Have I missed anything?)

I would be interested to get inputs on #3. The approach from mschulze seems to be reasonable. However this approach would largely increase the number of attributes within the CAD system - when 3 languages are installed, one would have 3 times the attributes in the CAD tool. In addition, Windchill allows the attribute name to be multi-language as well. Then you would actually need to map the correct attribute name to the corresponding value instead of just adding a prefix indicating the locale to the attribute name.