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Workspace Copy/Paste Functionality

Workspace Copy/Paste Functionality

It would be benificial to our user base if the workspace table supported copy/paste functionality similar to all other tables in Windchill.

This feature/enhancement would allow users to copy objects into a workspace from other areas of Windchill after the user has found or come across what they need.  Our users also want to be able to copy the work they have completed in a workspace to the resulting objects in a change task.  Additionally, they want the ability to copy objects from one workspace to another if necessary/desired.


The ability to traverse workspaces (open objects that have not been checked in that reside in a different workspace that has been downloaded to the computer) would be less work for PTC to implement (change xml file handling behaviour for the wgm), save space (not duplicating files on the server and client) on the client machine and reduce the amount of network traffice/xml writing (not redownloading information that is already present in another workspace).

Technically you can currently copy/paste by checking in and adding to another workspace.

Your on the right track with opening up the workspace architecture though...

Status changed to: Acknowledged
21-Topaz I

This would be nice to have Copy functionality in workspace for multiple selected objects. 


No there is only way how to copy the object one by one on the right click in the workspace.


This could be available also for multiselection. 


Copy menas add to windchill Clipboard

Community Manager
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