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You cant log out from the system

You cant log out from the system

When you are inside Windchill web top so do you not have any chance to choose the option log out from the system, this is the first system that I have been inside that don't have this option.

I always have to close the browser and open it up again to be able to log on as another user or let a user I give support to have the chance to log on.

So a log out button or choice that says log out under Quick links would be useful.


Hi Jerry,

We manage quite well without a logoff button since it is possible to login as multiple users using different browser sessions.

With IE, there are 2 options.

IE New session : If you are logged in to Windchill in a IE browser and want to open another session as another user, you can go File/New Session and then login with different credentials.

IE nomerge : If you want a completely different instance of IE, you can also start one with a shortcut to "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -nomerge   .  By using that shortcut, you can login as multiple users in multiple IE windows.

With Chrome, you can do the same by going to the menu and selecting "New incognito window" (ctrl-shift-N).

With the options above, I've never missed a "Logoff" button.





your idea is a duplicate, see this Windchill needs a "Logout" feature

In that idea I posted a comment with a solution from PTC GSO.


Log Off capability that is available with form-based authentication is not available with the default basic authentication and, therefore, is not described in detail in end user documentation


Refer following topics from Windchill Help Center:




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