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create a suggested value list picklist for all attributes

create a suggested value list picklist for all attributes

Add an option to the constraints to allow you to put a suggested value list to any attribute in Windchill. This constraint must allow you to use a global enumeration as a suggested value list, and you also must have the option to create descrite constraint list without global enumeration.

if you place a constraint on an attribute, you should recieve a picklist in the layout (create, edit, workspace, classification tree, ...) of which you can pick a value, but a the same time you must be able to manually alter or enter any text you like, in case the picklist does not provide you with the right text.

you should call this picklist setting "must pick from picklist", so you can switch it on or off, like you had in the old Cocreate Workmanager or Model Manager interface.

this kind of behaviour already exists in windchill, but it only works for link attribute in the Structure editor. This must be expanded to any other attribute, and it must work with global enumerations aswell.


Hey PTC, is there any plans to finally support Rich Text attributes, suggested attributes and dependent value lists? This is still a huge lack of Windchill...

Thanks for any answer!


Ideally, it would be good if the "suggested value list" constraint manages the autocompletion of text string so that manually entered values are not duplicates of values in the list.

Status changed to: Under Consideration


I have not tested how effective it would be for this situation, but it seems like adding the No Duplicate Values constraint (as seen on 11.0 M030) would do what you require. There would still be risk of duplicates when using real with units though I think. Someone could enter the value in inches as .251, and later someone else in mm as 6.38 (when the exact conversion is 6.3754) The round off error would cause another line in the list that when converted back to inches would look like two .251 and 0.2511811, basically duplicates.


PTC moderator,

The behavior of the suggested value list does not make sense to those that want to use it. They are expecting it to behave just like the legal value list or enumerated list, but allow manual user entry of new values. It should not have the limitations listed in CS28666.

has more than one request above. I agree a suggested value enumerated list would be nice as well, but first I would fix the existing suggested value list.

Status changed to: No Plans to Implement

Thank you for the idea, the comments and votes. Your idea is interesting and we could see the benefit. However, given the team’s strategic priorities, we are unlikely to prioritize the implementation in the next development cycles. Should this change, we will bring this idea back.