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enhance Watermarks in Creo View

enhance Watermarks in Creo View

-Ability to dynamically load Attributes or Informations from Windchill as CreoView parameters when opening a representation from a WTpart or any Viewable.

     for example, WTPart attributes on a "content" linked CAD Drawing , or adding related  Change Request  information ....

     Provide an API to be able to customize and add logic to retrieve and add significant parameter in creo View

-when partcentric, when open Creo View from a WTpart page, load in the same creo view session all the related Doc or CADdoc (ie not only the 3Dmodel but also linked CAD drawings, WTdocs ...)

-Being able to design watermarks specifically for 3D or 2D formats (for several paging format, A3, A4 , landscape, etc ....)

-Being able to choose , notably for 2D formats, if the watermark have to respect the zooming ratio.(and not stay with a fix size when zooming in a drawing)

The need is in a "pure Part centric"  approach, being able to Vizualize, Stamp and/or print drawings (or other documents) with WTPart informations. Even if it is a "generic" multi part drawing. Or being able to have CAD drawings without any typical part information (BOM and part numbers, line numbers for drawing baloons, version, lifecycle state, title block, validators , etc ...) and only display/stamp them "on the fly" when print or viz



Have you seen the video I posted to the LearningExchange website on watermarks?   I get the feeling we are already able to do most of what you are requesting.



Hello Mark,

thanks for the answer.

Yes we can create some different markup templates for different size, and drive it by parameter

but the 1st problem we have, is that the WTPart is the central object of Windchill. And when a CAD drawing is linked to the WTPart by a content link. We do not have attribute of the WTPart in Creo View when opening the drawing. So we can not watermark WTPart infos on the drawing.

The 2nd problem is that the watermark are not zoomable. Our need will be to print or viz the drawing + the watermark. Even if the user has zoom in ....




There are some mechanism to add e.g. the lifecycle state or the approver etc. onto the drawing or even word document. But unfortunately it's very hard to configure and it's not possible without any customization.

This feature would be really nice, if the pdf's are being stamped when the viewer open's it. This functionality would also have the benefit, that only one pdf has to exist in the vault and not for each lifecycle state.

I have no idea if the regulatory prescribe the existence of different PDFs for each lifecycle state?!?

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The current system to add watermarks is out of date and not at all intuitive. It needs a proper update from PTC


Another feature that would be useful, export watermark while save as.

Today if you export pvz, watermarks are not saved. Workaround is to print as PDF but this is boring.....


The big problem I see with watermarks, is: if you save the object with the watermark and open ist again in an non controled enviroment (e.g. without the Windchill Server or if the file was sent to somebody else) the watermark is gone. Since it is not possible to store it with the drawing  or model!

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Add in the requirements list:

load in Creo view Session the Wtpartusagelink (eg BOM link) attributes or IBAs as Creo View parameters

for example quantity, unit, occurrences, reference designator , or any usage link attribute


Same thing for the CAD Doc EPMmemberlink:  notably Feature Name

Status changed to: No Plans to Implement

Hi Gregory,

Thanks so much for your ideas here. I appreciate you taking the time to write them out. I acknowledge that this Idea has been listed under consideration for some time now, and I'd like to provide you with some feedback based on our current offerings.


Regarding pulling WTPart information into session, this may be something that the clipboard can accomplish for you by merging in WTPart information in a given session which already contains CAD data, or to use aliased attributes to make that information present on the CAD Document itself instead. Some advancements have also been made as recently as the 12.1.1 release of Windchill to simplify the attribute mapping process which may aid in your efforts as well.


Regarding 2D formats specifically, the Adobe Experience Manager handles burning-in of PDF watermarks which can be configured to expose multiple types of attributes into a viewable document. Since the watermark is burned in, it is zoomable and is included in the PDF itself which should address the issues with export as well. Using attributes and by customizing the Livecycle Delegate, it should be possible to apply certain logic in order to change which watermark style is applied based on certain criteria. We also offer this functionality in a slightly different form via the Wincom extensions, for which more details can be found at .


Overall, I can tell that you've put a lot of time and effort into these requirements, but unfortunately these items all together are not aligned with my roadmap presently. I would encourage you to organize these into separate ideas where possible so we can consider them in the future and without dependency on each other.