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inseparable assemblies for Creo Parametric and Windchill

inseparable assemblies for Creo Parametric and Windchill

Many PTC customers require CAD data from their (end-)customers for the development of their products. Examples for PTC customers:
* Manufacturers of automation solutions for machine tools in metal cutting
* manufacturer of components and systems in aluminum die casting
* Manufacturer of complete interior solutions for rail vehicles
The CAD data provided by the end-customers are usually very extensive. PTC customers load them into Creo Parametric and save them in Windchill. In many cases, the data provided is more extensive than the data of the product to be developed.

The engineer creates a huge amount of EPMDoc objects and structures that he does not actually need, but which often require a lot of administration. The engineer only needs the geometric representation, but not the objects and structures.

In PTC´s Creo Elements/Direct product range, the concept of "inseparable assemblies" is available for Modeling (CAD) and Model Manager (PDM). An inseparable assembly acts like a zip file, containing all 3D geometry files.

In CAD (Modeling) the CAD structures are visible, but not in PDM (Model Manager), where an inseparable assembly is just one single CAD data entry (equivalent to a Windchill EPMDoc).

An "inseparable assemblies" concept for Creo Paramtric and WIndchill would be of great benefit to PTC customers.


As an additional comment to forestall the argument that the engineer could merge his customer's data into one part file, using shrinkwrap or any similar technique:

- this solution is extremely time consuming, especially with large assemblies

- it is prone to problems and errors, like objects could not be merged because of accuracy problems. parts are left out or only merged as surfaces etc.

- every time the customer sends new data, it has to be merged again

- every time the customer sends even only a small portion of new data, the whole merging has to be done again

- the engineer loses the prossibility to blank certain subassemblies or parts


This  is being discussed within the multibody community group under the notion of "inseparable assemblies"/"embedded components"  and is considered within the context of future Creo enhancements.


Still, I would be interested in how you envisioned your update workflow requirements in that case...

Would you typically 

a) just want to check in a new version of the entire updated inseparable assembly?


b) want the ability to :

   - check-out insep assembly

   - reconvert to regular assembly

   - exchange the portion that was sent new

   - re-embed into insep assembly

   - check-in as new version

 c) need ATB update for non-native components of an inseparable assembly?


Hi Martin,

thanks for participating. 

From our experience a) covers 95% of benefit.

b) and c) nice to have, no blocking point



Hi Martin!

We have been dealing with this topic for a long time and we would very much appreciate it, if ptc found a practical solution for us.

I agree with thomas, that a) covers 95%.

Thanks for your help and best regards



I agree.  I think A would cover at least 75% of the problem, B would be the next 24%.


We have a couple of scenarios at NASA.  First, we deal with a lot of internal groups that use different (non integrated) tools to create CAD.  This would be useful for both external contractors sending data, as well as other groups (like ECAD) sending their assemblies that MCAD just wants/needs a single file.


The second scenario would be where an external org or internal group using different CAD tools outside of our Windchill implementation.  The scenario here would be an easy way to update a single file.  I do my best to show users how to use the STEP import feature, to "re-import" a file, however it still gives the MCAD user hundreds and sometimes thousands of files to manage, name, deconflict (if the step file has common names) etc.



Status changed to: Delivered

Available with Creo 8 and compatible WIndchill releases.