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work offline for unified workGroup Manager (e.g. for NX)

work offline for unified workGroup Manager (e.g. for NX)

similar to switching offline with CREO and Windchill, the unified WorkGroupManager (e.g. for NX) must allow and enable a 'manual working offline' functionality. Working offline is a required and helpful functionality, specifically when the available network is not stable and looses bandwith and even disconnects regularly, it makes more sense to manually choose to work offline, and finish the CAD work, rather then waiting an Windchill transaction that never finishes because of the bad network.

once finished, and accessing a proper network, yu can go online again, and simply check-in any modified and new CAD data...

Having a 'offline' function in WGM, would help minimize user frustration and utlimately improve effecitvity and efficiency of the CAD user.


I strongly agree - we need this functionality for Solidworks UWGM as well.


I completely agree - we are desperate to have this functionality added for SolidWorks as well as for Pro/E & Creo, preferably in a CPS for v10.2 M030.  I just asked a question about this as well : When will the WGM support Offline Workspaces, Portable Workspaces, and Frames (like in Pro/E or Creo) ?  to see if that gets any response.


This goes for us as well. We need this for AutoCAD, Mathcad.


Would be useful to parallel functionality in Creo Parametric for organizations with both CAD applications to have consistency in their processes.


This really needs to be part of the base feature set to have parity with Windchill and Creo.  My company uses both Creo and Solidworks, as well as external contractors.  It would make avoiding workspace conflicts so much easier to work through when collaborating. 

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