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(in English)

Title:[display an item including the next character string] about movement at the time of the search practice using the item

For example, search condition is "ID1",
When by one character inputs like  "I" ⇒ "D" ⇒ "1", the preview of the item seems to be performed update (※ 1) of in the timing when I input each letter.

But the indication contents of the preview screen do not change.

Cannot you add specifications below?

In (※ 1) timing, If search results are one case,integrity automatically works to have clicked the contents.

In (※ 1) timing, If search results are not one case, the preview of the item displays nothing.(A background makes a gray screen)

A mistake editing the contents that an end user does not aim at by the preview of the item occurs,

and an improvement demand arrives from an end user.

Best regards,


Could you please write in english?

The community language is english - this would improve the acceptance of you idea...



I translate customer's ideas:

If either "View Only" or "Editable" is selected in the Item Preview on the View options panel, an item details view is shown at the bottom of document view. The content of this item details view will be updated only when users manually select any new item.

So, in case of scenarios of "Show items containing" search on the document view, the following behaviors will be observed when the search is completed.

- The Outline panel and the list of document contents are automatically updated depending on the search result.

- The item details view will not be updated until the user explicitly select a certain item from search result.

(Confirmed this behavior in Integrity 10.9)

From end users' perspective, they tend to expect the item details view will be automatically updated and try to edit the item details without selecting one in the search result. This way, unexpected update will take place on unintended items.

To solve this confusing behavior, I suggest a new behavior:

(1) If just one content matches as a search result, the matched content should be automatically shown in the item details view.

By this change, users can omit 1-click action to open the search result, which can increase efficiency and improve usability as a consequence.

(2) If more than one contents are listed as a search result, the item details view should be initially grayed out.

Users have to explicitly select one item to populate the item details view. This helps to prevent users from selecting incorrect content to be updated in the item details view.


Many thanks for the translation, Takaaki Maehara‌!

Kind Regard,




          I have reviewed this idea & have marked it for Future Consideration as this is likely to align with the UI Replacement work that we are planning. When we start that piece I will revisit this Idea and update the state as appropriate.


Kartik Oak

Community Manager
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