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Ability to query list of test steps by Test Suite id

Ability to query list of test steps by Test Suite id

In ALM solution there is document model for Test Suite, that contains third level relationships to test steps. I.e. we have Test Suite related to Test Case using Contained By relationship, and Test Case related to Test Step using Test Steps relationship.

It is possible to select Test Steps id's by using following command:

im issues --fields="ID,Text,Test Steps" --queryDefinition="((relationship[ID] forwards using[Contained By]=441) and (field[Type]=Test Case))"

  where 441 is Test Suite’s ID

But it's not possible to get other fields of Test Step like "Summary" and so on.


Need the ability to select all Test Steps for particular Test Suite. Accoring to the answer by PTC Support it is impossible to make such a query (Case C13611148). There was RFC 456039, but as I got to know "Due to the enhancement submitting policy changed, so the related RFC will not be updated anymore".


And also the same capabilities needed to export Test Steps using Gateway instead of using this (for ID's only):

Add following lines under <map name="CONTENT"> section:

  <field internal="Test Steps"

  external="Test Steps"






The only way to get some kind of expected result is to use Report with template, for example, "Document Structure Traces – Tree View". But it is not quite enough.


Hello Denis,

just to give you an answer for your last part, the Gateway.

We in PTC Consulting have created a Java routine enhancing the gateway to get exactly what you want:

- additional Step details exported using Gateway.


Document Export with Steps and results:



Thank you for response. My problem was to select test steps using one query only. Then I planned to use it in CLI (or Java) to output from Integrity to my program. Otherwise, I need to walk trough test cases for my test suite in cycle (in Java) and one by one select test steps for each test case. So I need to execute n+1 queries instead of one (where n is the number of test cases in Test Suite). It requires more resources.

But, yes, I'm interested in this enhancment. Could you please describe some more details about your solution?