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Add Options "CheckIn All", "Skip if..." for Document CheckIn/ Versioning

Add Options "CheckIn All", "Skip if..." for Document CheckIn/ Versioning

Many of our projects used Document Revisions (command Document > Increment Revision).

This command provides three options, which are very helpful in different Use Cases:

  1. Increment All => The revision of all Items is increased
  2. Skip if no change since last revision => Only changed items get a new revision
  3. Skip if no significant change since last revision => Only significantly changed items get a new revision


With Integrity 10.5 Document Revisions were replaced with Document Versions.

When a Document Version is created there is no option to decide which elements are versioned.

The caused many problems in our projects, therefor we decided to disable Document Versioning.

Fields in versioned documents, including traceability, cannot be trusted describes another idea for this problem.


My idea is quite simple:

Just reimplement/ enable again the above mentioned options, which were already available for Document Revisions.



Can you provide more details about what problems you are facing just due to not having the above mentioned feature? In Versioning, versions of only those items is updated for which there is a change, so its basically the 2/3 option that you mentioned above?



Hi Virendra Chavan‌,

in versioning only the version of those items is updated, which were significantly changed.

The version of items which were not changed is not updated.

And the version of items which were changed, but not significantly (e.g. a comment was added, the state has been changed), were also not updated.

This means the current functionality fits only 1/3 of the mentioned options.

But the problem for our users is that especially the option "Increment all" (or "Check In All") is required for about 90% of our use cases!

The options, mentioned in the idea, were available before Document Versioning was introduced. These options helped in several Use Cases. The user was able to decide by himself whether only changed items should be versioned or whether all items should be versioned.

The main use case was to version all items in order to "baseline" all items with all fields!

Currently the user has no chance to use Versioning to baseline a whole document and its content as of now.

It is also confusing for our users that they are Checking In a Document, but if they open the Document Version, they content differs from the live document, which has been checked in.



5-Regular Member


we are facing exactly the same Problem.

Even if new traces are added or removed, these nodes are not versioned.

In the versioned document, only old traces or no traces are displayed although there should be new traces.

It doesn`t make sense to define trace changes as significant changes to force versioning. Then everey new trace would lead to suspect flags at all other traced nodes and to status changes. Beside the traces, all other fields which are excluded from the siginificant change behaviour are not copied.

That leads to a versioned document, which has nothing to do with the live document at the time it is versioned.

It has to be possible to get a Version, which is an exact copy of the live document.

In integrity source, there is a Checkbox that says "Check-in, even if unchanged"

For me, it is a bug, that this important feature is not available for the check-in for documents.



Status changed to: Clarification Needed

This is a very old idea, in later years additional options have been introduced to the Check-in capability. It would help to get clarification if the core issue stands resolved.