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Administration of Support- and Basic-Accounts incomplete

Administration of Support- and Basic-Accounts incomplete

For Customer Community ( ) and eSupport Portal ( there exist no possibility to create an overview about ALL existing Accounts in relation to ones company.

There exist an application "Account Management" (URL:, which can be accessed via "My Account  =>  Tab "eSupport Settings"  =>  Tool "Manage employee privileges"), in which I can specify dedicated rigths within eSupport Portal, OR decrease an Support Account to a Basic Account.


Regarding Basic Account I have no possibility:

  • to search for them
  • to set one to inactive
  • (..)

or in others words:  they are in a black hole for me as customer's Online Supervisor.



Following our company's Compliance rules this is not acceptable.

We have rules how to work with and inside of Social and/or other Communities.

We need to have a possibility to control all accounts (no matter which type) with relation to our company, no matter whether:

  • by usage of Customer Number
  • by usage of Service Contract Number
  • searching of Mail Domains
  • ...


Actual existing functionalities in PTC's communities does not support our Compliance Rules.

  • Basic Accounts can be created from anyone without any control of a company's Supervisor.
  • Support Accounts can only be switched back to a Basic Account
  • A Basic Account can't be set to inactive

This functionalities in combination brings the security leak:  Any account that have been created will persist with it's data  including mail address.


Good day Klaus,

This is an interesting idea and if I understand what you are asking for, these things may need to be implemented by Jive.

Are these capabilities available in other software suites?




I don't know of any other Customer Community which splits in different type of accounts like it is done in PTC'

Thus I can't answer.




     As clarified by Topy, your Idea relates to the Jive & not Integrity. I have closed this Idea as No Plans to Implement in context of Integrity.


Kartik Oak


Please re-open idea and assign it to a community for Support portal,  please

Community Manager
Status changed to: Archived


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