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Automatically connect to the next server in list if the default (FSA) proxy is not available

Automatically connect to the next server in list if the default (FSA) proxy is not available


I have been asked to post this idea as it is something that the users at our company have expressed an interest in.



Our company makes extensive use of FSA servers.  What we would like to see is the ability to be able to set up a list of FSA servers in the Preferences Configuration for Proxies window.  We would like to be able to list the FSA's (2 or 3) in the sequence from default proxy to the one furthest away perhaps.


Something like :


FSA1 (default proxy)






In this case, if at some point FSA1 goes down, the client should automatically try and connect to FSA2 (the next one in the list sequence) transparent to the user.  That might be oversimplified, but that is the general idea.


There are some obvious issues or things to consider in doing this like, the proxy caches and how they may be impacted.  Another possibility is to switch automatically to direct connection if the FSA is down, again transparent to the user.  The next time the client is started it should automatically first attempt to connect to the FSA again (without user intervention).



I disagree strongly for the following reasons:

  1. If a Proxy is down, the client should switch to direct connection as Fallback only.
  2. It should NEVER switch to next Proxy in a list if it is not in same location. (two procies in one location does not make sense from my perspective)

Reason for Point 2. is Network topology used in many companies. Especially with Offshore locations you will have something like a Star-Topology, with the main server in the middle and the proxies outside in the star.

If I now access the main server from location 1, I regularly use Proxy 1. If this fails and I would use Proxy 2 maybe from another country, Integrity Main server would deliver the data to Proxy 2, AND THEN Integrity would try to deliver from data from Proxy 2 to the Client which is near to Proxy 1.

I don't know your company's network topology, but in our case the data would be transferred via the middle of the star described before.

Instead of "only" transfer one time to location of Proxy 1, it would be delivered to Proxy Location 2, then to Location 1 using the the middle of the star.

Please let me know whether my answer does not fit to the idea. In that case I would take back my "No" to your idea.



Automatically connecting to the next proxy doesn't seem to be a better option perhaps the flow of data may traverse in an undesired fashion if we do so. PTC Integrity R&D in not considering fixing this in future release of Integrity.

Status changed to: No Plans to Implement

Updating the status to reflect the last comment on this thread.