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Bookmark function

Bookmark function

Please insert a bookmark function for Integrity Members. That function should work like the bookmarks of web pages in a web browser.




We want to insert a bookmark function for Integrity Members in the thick client. That function should work like the bookmarks of web pages in a web browser . As the users in complex project structure find it difficult to search for members though we are aware a search member functionality is available in Integrity since the users want to bookmark the members they work on regularly.


With  this button/action/menu  in Integrity it should create member bookmark/favorites in Integrity like how it is available in a web browser like internet explorer only and not create favorites in them ?


Important would be that I (the user) can name the favorite and organize it in all available Internet Explorer Favorite folders.


Should the bookmark reference the project member or the sandbox member?

Should it point to the GUI (open the project view with this member) or download the member?

For obvious reasons, a sandbox member link would have limited global use.

There are already some ways to have links:

****** Web link: (as alternative to revision :memberbranchtip, you can also use :member or a certain revision)


****** GUI Project link:


****** GUI Project link (only Member):


Does that help?

5-Regular Member

Hi suma rudresh‌, does the suggestion provided by Stephan Saul help with the use case mentioned in your idea?


I understand (and voted for) a bookmark capability to tag favorite members, especially in the client.

I think Stephen's answer misses the point, URLs don't help here. Sure, you could define a whole bunch and organize them as bookmarks in a browser but that's not worth the effort.

The idea is to be able to define and organize bookmarks like in a web browser.


I agree,


It could be similar to "My project list" in Source, but for Members and/or Items,

Status changed to: Acknowledged