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Chance to show Requirement documents in one project like a treeview?

Chance to show Requirement documents in one project like a treeview?

Idea created from a PTC ticket/incident - Case Details: 13311269

Original question was:

"Is there a chance to have a view, showing Requirment documents in one project like a treeview?

Background: we have a lot of requirement documents in one project which are located in mainline project or PSF all of them belong to current project and linked together.
It would be very helpful to see the document structure of one project! Is there such a feature available?"

Answer from inside AVL:

just a suggestion:
For each Requirement Document of your project, you should have a System Structure Node Item.
Does it help if you use View Relationships with the overall Project System Structure Node of your project?
Query for RENG_SYS Project System Structure Elements where Project = /Controls/...
Then select the Level 0 System Structure Node (or whatever highest level you have) and use Ctrl-R.

If you don't have Level 5 PSF System Structure Nodes, we can create them for your Project.
Give us feedback if this helps.

Answer from PTC:

Hi Klaus,

I am not completely sure that I understand your request! I have searched upon it and I have found 2 Enhancement Requests which can be related to your request:
1) 117198-Render the project filter (and derrivatives (i.e. finder)) as a tree was not implemented.
Description:In order to improve navigation in the Open Document dialog, it would be helpful
to re-instate the hierarchical tree structure in the Projects pane.
2)117186-Filter projects in the RM Open Document dialog was implemented in Integrity 10.7.
Description:In the RM Open Document dialog, users should be able to filter the projects list.


Answer again from the user:

Dear all,

Issue is, that we have several documents in several projects /Baselines which are not linked together (only requirements inside are linked.) .
Getting an overview over the document landscape is therefore hard to keep / get.

Maybe the System structure node could help here.  -> but even the view relationship view is not perfect for Presentation to customer.

We will try to integrate system structure node in our current project, but when we reusing this ducuments in next project links has to be updated.

A real solution for this i could not see, even after discussing this with Ramona.


Next answer from PTC:

"Please be kind and add this as a new idea on PTC Community as currently there is no possible way to achieve this:Windchill Systems/Software Engineering (Integrity) - PTC Community


Hello Peter,

                    We have reviewed your Idea and updating the state to Future Consideration. We would be updating our UI experience and would take this up at that point & update the state appropriately.


Kartik Oak

Community Manager
Status changed to: Archived


We are archiving your idea as part of a general review. This action is based on the age of your idea and the total number of votes received, as per this announcement.

You can always post a new idea with all the details required in the form.

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