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Changing the "Default" image


Changing the "Default" image

We decided to update the look & feel of Integrity by adding company specific icon's where it made sense.

At that time, we manually changed the icons for the few users we had and the few projects that we had.

Over time, the list of users and projects continues to grow and it's somewhat of a nuisance having to manually go and update each user and project that is created to show the right icon.

Is there any way to change the image that is used as a "default" by Integrity?

Obviously there is the ability to do this at an individual item level, but what I wish to do is change the image that Integrity uses as the "default" for all items of that type (ie. User or Project).

I assume that some code somewhere references an image file with a name (ie. usericon.jpg) to use as the default, so renaming any image to the particular name and putting it in the right directory should solve the issue. However what I need to know is what those names and/or locations are.

Open to other viable solutions if there are any as well.

Thanks in advance, really appreciate the help.


Hello Sourabh Deshpande‌,

There is no true way to change the actual "default" images, but there are two approaches you can take to work around that.  The short-term low effort approach would involve changing the images located in <ServerInstall>server/mks/deploy/services.mar/webapi.war/images/.  I wouldn't recommend this approach, because it only changes the web view of these items (the Integrity client has it's own defaults cache), and the changes wouldn't persist through upgrades.

The long-term low effort approach would involve scripting the creation of these objects, or doing it via a program using API calls.  In either case, the creation step would reference your "default" image.



Kind Regards,
Kael Lizak

Senior Technical Support Engineer
PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager