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Handle "Perspectives" according to already implemented processes

Handle "Perspectives" according to already implemented processes

Document Perspectives as such are a very important element when working with documents.

They allow users to filter and set the columns according to the current task a user is performing.

The implementation way how it was done today is not in-line with the Integrity way of handling administrative objects.

This has to be changed as soon as the new UI will get released.


The following has to be corrected according to the usual way of sharing Integrity adminstrative objects like queries and reports:


Perspectives have to provide the following

  • become an administrative object
  • be stageable
  • can be shared between single users, group of users, all users
  • must contain not only the fields and their order, and the query, but also the column width
  • A selected Perspective must be shown to the user to identicate which one is rigth now in use
  • A changed Perspective must be indicated by the system (with a small star), allowing the user to save this perspective as his own or keep using the system default
  • A Perspective must be linked to the items selected, e.g. a Perspective created for the purpose of Test Cases should not become visible when a Requirement document is open.


Perspective are a key element to reduce workload for users.

I hope that this functionality will be considered as one of the first elements for the new UI.


PS: I was already considering to write my own Perspective generator based on queries. Queries today have already a filter definition + columns. Just the column width is missing.

In todays world of Objects and inheritance it should not be to complicated to derive a new Perspective Object from the Query object


Hi Volker,


Completely agree with your idea. Me and my team have worked on perspective and faced similar issues.

Especially regarding bulleted point no.3.

I hope this idea is considered. 🙂



Abhishek Patil


I really like that idea.


An additional option could be to "generalize" the "perspective" even a bit more, so that it can also be applied to any "query result" or  any "relationship view"

From a higher level view, a "perspective" is no more than a "dedicated view" that transforms the underlying data into the desired context.

IMHO there is not need to limit this feature to the document view - where the "WALK down a segment/node tree query" was responsible to fill the dataset.

It should be applicable to any dataset based on any query.


Furthermore the "perspective" should allow to change the sorting order, even in the document view (e.g. by priority).

As it is only a "visual overlay", that does not affect the actual data, this could help support a whole lot of use cases, especially when talking about agile development.

Currently all this must be done by "performance expensive" reports, or even custom viewing tools.

Status changed to: Acknowledged