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History Tab Improvements for Admin and End User

History Tab Improvements for Admin and End User

Hi Community,

Sharing a very useful and new idea coming into my mind for the moment, Please take a look and feel free to come in comment box to share your views and feedbacks :-


For Admin :-

1) On every Type Admin should be able to configure fields to show in history tab for end user, As of now all fields change comes into the history tab and in some scenarios it makes confusion for end user and makes a very long list for the history page that affect the performance in terms of type loading.


2) Or field relevance rule should also apply to history tab, it means if any field is configured as never relevant on Type it should never come in History and if any field is only relevant to me then it's history should also visible to me only.


For End User :-

1) End user should have a option in History Tab to see history of any specific field rather then searching it throughout tab. E.g. I am a end user going in History Tab of let's say Test Plan and i only want to see the history of a specific field "Test Plan Run Count" then i should have a option to select from list of all visible fields to me on that type and then a pop window should come which shows entire history of only that field including historical value, Modified Date and Modified By. (I know we have a option saying "View Item Details As Of" but this doesn't cover the situation fully and requires more click in terms of easiness for end user)


What you think about this ?


Vielen Dank / Many Thanks,

Kapil Jain




I absolutely agree, these would be great improvements.

Some of us had requested something similar many years ago.


Will be definitely helpful to user community


Absolutely necessary and would be a great improvement