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How to integrate a Model to another in Integrity Modeler?


How to integrate a Model to another in Integrity Modeler?

Hi all,


How can I use/integrate a model within another model in Integrity Modeler?



In a model "profile" I define my own stereotypes, I would like to use in many projects.

In a second model "project A" I wan't to integrate the content of "profile", to model A-project-specific content with my own stereotypes (defined in "profile").

In a third model "project B" I wan't to integrate the content of "profile" as well, to model B-project-specific content with my own stereotypes (defined in "profile").


If changes/additions to my profile are needed, I wish to model this in the model "profile". Automatically (maybe clicking an update-button ...) the new content of "profile" should be available within "project A" and "project B".


I know this functionality from other SysML-Tools... Somehow I can't find something like this in Integrity Modeler...


Thanks for your answers in advance!

Best Regards,


5-Regular Member


I am looking for something quite similar. Instead of "just" a profile I would like to share a library of model elements (sysml items and diagrams) among concurrently developed models (including a profile with specific stereotypes as well).

It would be perfect, if I could even change things in my local sandbox of the library model (that is integrated within my project model). Thus I would not have to handle 2 Modeler instances with 2 models but could work within 1 Modeler instance. I could enhance/fix the library directly and also check immediately if everything works like intended when I integrate the elements in my project model part. After making changes I would reconcile the local library sandbox from my project model back into the independent library model in the repository and this way push my changes/enhancements to the library model for everybody else to use. (Potential conflicts with the changes of others I would need to resolve before I can push.) This would update the library model version and everybody could update their local lib sandboxes in their project models if they like and see fit.

All the others from other projects with the respective access permissions to the library model could work the same way.


If anybody knows a way how to get something like this up and running, I would be happy to hear from.

All the best


5-Regular Member

Hi Georg,


I would say the most basic solution to your situation would be to use the Package Import/Export features in Modeler.  When a new version of your profile is ready, you would export the profile package and the users of model A and model B would import the package (if they the profile doesn't exist in their model) or Update Existing (if they are picking up a new version). 


Check out the following topics in the product help for details =>


  • Repository, model, component and package management > Package management > Exporting, importing, updating and differencing packages


  • Extensibility through profiles, sterotypes, tag definitions and scripts > Extensibility through profiles, stereotypes and tag definitions > Working with profiles > Overview of profiles  (see Notes: in this topic)





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