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Improve the Integrity (thick) client

Improve the Integrity (thick) client

Problem Statement:

     Many people are still using the thick client,  and this is the first interface user encountered about the tool.  ALM is highly complex, and the strength of PTC Lifecycle manager is that it can relate items and related things.  To handle such complex problem,  the user interface and usability become highly important.  Many of these annoyances do not rise to a very significant level,  but collectively they are.

     Currently,  the client has many odd behaviors, time wasters, usability issues:  A few examples: 

  • cannot multilevel sort in multiple columns in query,
  • no custom order sort
  • cannot make filtering persistent in query  (webclient can but does not support all functions)
  • cannot have one step "not" filter
  • "chain link" & "+" are opposite meaning,  but people get used to it
  • "chain link" add is buggy
  • Easier way to show upstream/downstream traces
  • Easy way to navigate relationship
  • Zoom in/out features
  • Configure/ & oggle multiple views e.g. RM viewsets  (since there're so much information to  display) easily
  • Easy way to rename CM member
  • Easily hide & show information
  • ...

Solution Scope:

   If PTC can improve and enhance,  it will go a longer way for btter user acceptance.


Hi Kah,

I strongly agree with most of your points, but IMHO it would be more productive to have these split into separate ideas.

That would make it easier to illustrate the use case and maybe narrow things down to concrete feature improvements/changes.


- Query filtering improvements

- "chain link" (what ever you mean by that)

- Zoom in/out Features (what ever you mean by that)



Yes, there are a lot of ideas in this list and having a single idea of "improve UI" should be broken down into smaller, more manageable components.


Hi Kah,

             I'm moving this Idea to the Future Consideration bucket as this aligns with the UI Project that we are planning. At the appropriate stage we will update the state to try & notify on the direction we are taking with respect to the New UI.


Kartik oak