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Inclusion of IM Dynamic Group functionality into IM Project

Inclusion of IM Dynamic Group functionality into IM Project

IM Dynamic Group feature basically defines and affect the IM Project and all access control definition to all Items created within the project.


How about listing all the dynamic groups at Project creation/update wizard itself so that correspending Project Adminstrator can update the information & memebership of relevant project at same place.

I feel this way we can also define the Project permission (Project access scope) based on the membership.


Currently, Project Permission tab allows only static groups which I feel is not ideal.

Sometimes, you really want to expose Project & Project data to specific bunch of users and not entire static group members.


This idea if implemented shall be a definite product advantage.



Hi Neeraj,


Indeed a great idea. Agree with you completely.


This will allow only specific people to view project data which has been a customer requirement in many cases.


Definately it will serve as a product advantage.



Abhishek Patil

Status changed to: Acknowledged

With some "Trigger Magic" most of this is IMHO already possible, but requires some work


  1. Define a "dedicated" Multi-Value User field per Dynamic_Group and add this field to the Project Backing Item Type
  2. create a Trigger script that "mirrors" changes in the Backing Item into Dynamic Group Setup

(if you want to use Groups in you dynamic Groups you have to repated 1-2 with multi-valued Group fields)


The harder part I think is the IM Project Permission Group - Currently we are forced to create at least one Integrity Domain Group per Project, just to manage the Project Permission.

- having worked like this for years, this leads to thousands of "IM-Project Access" Groups that slow down the System and are hard to maintain.


My Idea would be to enable 2 things:

  1. enable nesting of dynamic Groups

We have dynamic-Groups per role (e.g. "Project Owner") and per Type or Process-Permission (like e.g. "Test Case Author") and it would be perfect if we could just use the "Role-Dynamic-Groups" inside the "Permission-Dynamic-Groups"


  1. allow Dynamic Groups to be selected in the "Project Permission" Setup.


If this was possible a "Dynamic-Groups" called "D_AccessProject" could include all other Dynamic-Groups and therefore implicitly "enable" any user that fulfills a role in the Project with the necessary project permission.


It would also allow to delegate the entire “User management” of a IM-Project to a separate “Project-Admin Group” or event the project- or Team-manager himself, as no deeper ptc administration knowledge is needed.


As based on the trigger framework mentioned before,this would allow the PTC-Admins to set up any Permission Concept they like/need based on Field-Edit-Rules for the Project Backing Item Type.



- total flexibility for the customers in Setting up their Permissions

- easy to use for unexpereinced users (just edit the backing Item)

- current members of Projects dynamic Groups are instantly visible (in the backing Item)