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List adminstrators of Integrity

List adminstrators of Integrity

If Integrity encounters a problem or a permission error the message appears: "...Please contact your administrator"

Know is the question whom to contact. There should be the possibility to list the administrators of Integrity.


Our configuration is a group containing all administrators of Integrity. We are using LDAP (active Directory) in our domain.

A resolution for us could be to define a group containing all administrators and list name and email address of them. E. g. about "Help -> Server Contacts"


Alexander Sailer‌ Thanks for submitting this idea ! We're currently working on introducing new web UI for Integrity Lifecycle Manager & your idea will be considered for that project.

For now - I could think of changing error message to something logical which user can use to contact concerned person in his/her organization. We'll keep you posted !


Hello Alexander,

I have reviewed your proposed  idea from consulting perspective, and I would suggest to consider the following workaround:


  1. User sees an error message like " ....  Please contact your administrator".
  2. The user navigates to the Integrity Client or Web Client, and selects "Help > Contents".
  3. A customized help window opens. In it the user will see a section called "System Administrator Contact Details".
  4. Here, the user will find a contact person responsible for his region, together with name, phone number, responsible area etc.

Would this solution fit?


Please see also this tip, which deals with a very similar need:

Tip: Customized Integrity Lifecycle Manager Help



A generic solution to this is difficult as the definition to what an "administrator" is varies. A simple solution would be to put a (static) list of admins into data/public_html/sitenotes.html. You can then see the administrators via http:///integrityserver:7001 on the title page.