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Make the administration editor smart again when no changes are made

Make the administration editor smart again when no changes are made

Since 10.9 for me (I jumped from 10.4), the administration GUI asks me if I want to discard changes every time I cancel an edit even if I changed nothing.

Discard Info Question.png

It used to be smart and not do that. Note that the default is No and there's no hotkey, so you're forced to click on Yes.


If you're an administrator and you spend most of your time tweaking objects, chances are you always use the edit mode because there's no point in viewing a configuration and then deciding to edit it. You might as well jump into edit just in case and cancel if you change nothing.

This is a typical scenario now, when checking an item presentation template and making zero changes: edit item > open presentation template > cancel out of presentation > cancel out of item edit.

In this scenario, I am prompted twice even though there is zero unsaved information. This is extremely annoying and time consuming (you still spend a second making a mental check).

Again, in previous versions I was prompted only if I had made changes and it made sense. I need this back as soon as possible. I reported this as a defect a few months ago but I have no feedback so I think it needs more visibility.


FYI, this defect was logged back in March 2016, as defect SPR # 5347740.


Hello Laurent,

                      I have updated this as a future consideration, when we work on the enhancements related to Administrative capabilities we will review this request. I will still be checking if the current issue can be looked into & if a resolution can be provided in a future release.


Kartik Oak


Hello Kartik,

I appreciate your feedback, but I have to ask: What do you mean by "if the current issue can be looked into"?

As Michael indicated, this is already reported as a defect. I think there's nothing else to look into.

Your defect correction process should apply: it was newly introduced in a recent release and degrades a key functionality of the administrator client.

It should be fixed as soon as possible, not considered as an enhancement!

Please reconsider.


5-Regular Member

Hey Laurent,

I think we have a misunderstanding which has caused this confusion. The idea portal is meant for new product ideas. So the frame of mind when we are reviewing these submissions is that people are requesting new features.

You are entirely correct that this is a regression and a bug and should follow the defect correction process. Michael mentioned above that an SPR defect has been created for this topic and it will now follow the defect process.

This product idea will be closed in favor of the SPR and the defect process.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Archived


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