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New general read-only access role for Workflow & Documents

New general read-only access role for Workflow & Documents

Today role everyone by default has write permissions to any item he is allowed to access.
There is no role available btw. no direct ACL that allows to reduce Access onto read-only.


Existing Workarounds are:

Article - CS91600  (Ability to enable read-only document view in Integrity Lifecycle Manager)

Article - CS92871 (Ability to have read-only mode for Workflows and Documents Web Interface in Integrity Lifecycle Manager)

CS165820  (Configure edit or read only privileges to item backed projects for multiple groups in Integrity Lifecycle Manager for Workflows and Documents)


All are either not fitting to my question how to allow Read-Only access in the GUI for "Workflow and Documents" not only for Documents but for EVERY Item type used.


Thus I ask for such an GUI extension.





Reviewed by PTC Community Member

Main Category:

Integrity Lifecycle Manager Administration

Sub Category:

User and Group Management

Related Working Group:

Integrity Lifecycle Manager Administration

Standard Functionality validated:

Default Groups

Standard Functionality available in Release 11.2:


Workaround exists:


Workaround Description:

Define Read Only Groups and assign them to all Types

see below

Workaround match:


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Workaround Description

Perform the following steps:

  1. Create a Domain group "ReadOnlyAccessGlobal"
  2. Create a Dynamic group "ReadOnlyAccessByProject"
  3. Add to every Item, Document and Node the following Editability rule
    User is not member of ReadOnlyAccessGlobal
    and User is not member of ReadOnlyAccessByProject
    (this Editability definition for each type can be done manually, or via CLI)
  4. If you now add a user into 
    a) the ReadOnlyAccessGlobal
    or b) ReadOnlyAccessByProject
    then this user can not edit the items/doc/nodes - globally, or project specific - anymore. The global definition will cause the user to become immediately read only in all W&D projects.
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