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Possibility to identify what are the documents "Inserted" or "Included" in a document

Possibility to identify what are the documents "Inserted" or "Included" in a document

It will be helpful if PTC provides an integrated solution in identifying what are the documents "Inserted" or "Included" within a document.

A simple workaround in finding is by using filter "Document ID" <> "Current Doc ID", but this needs to be created for each loaded document and not much flexible. If the single click button provides the list of document IDs "Inserted" and "included" in separate view, then it will be quite useful.

Why I feel this is an important feature is,

  • Assume that a document is located in project location "XX"
  • The focused document contains few "inserted" or "included" document from different project location "YY" and "ZZ"
  • If the person "ABC" have only access to "XX" and not having access to "YY" and "ZZ" project location, he cant load the document because of access issue
  • So admistrator have to provide minimum read access to person "ABC" for projects "YY" and "ZZ"
  • In this case, it will be difficult task for administrator to identify whats the location of the new document which has been inserted to current document.
  • So he have to go through entire document manually or need to use the filter "Document ID" <> "Current Doc ID" to identify.
  • Then only he could provide the access.

So in this process, more workarounds and try outs are needed. So if a single click resolves the issue by revealing list of Projects then it will be more flexible.

Thanks and Regards,



Sathish Kumar Kamaraj‌ Thanks for your post. We have tried simulating the scenario you mentioned above.

- Project 1 that have 2 users (user1 & user2) added, wherein Project 2 has only one of the users (i.e. user2) added to it.

- user2 created Doc2 in Project 2 while user1 created Doc1 in Project 1

- user2 (who has access to both Projects) now opens Doc1 in Document View mode & "inserts" Doc2 to it.

Note - I have added another column to Document View named 'Project' which lists Project Name against each of the document.

Observation :

While user1 is trying to see Doc1 in Document View, he/she can view both document i.e. Doc2 listed as "Inserted" below Doc1 but there's no way for user1 to know which project 'Doc2' resides in.

  Let me know if this is what you're talking about.            

Community Manager
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