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Template based Object creation in Integrity

Template based Object creation in Integrity

In Integrity, templates would be a great feature add-on. It can save a lot of time if we can automatically populate the standard skeleton contents (Requirements) like table of contents, indexes, headers etc. when we create any Requirement Documents.

Expecting a feature like we have a pick-list field called “Templates” in Requirement Document Creation page. Based on the template selection, the skeleton content should populate automatically.


For e.g. In Windchill we have a functionality to create Document/CAD from respective templates.




Neeraj Jain

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There is a "Create from Template" option available within the Document menu of Integrity (you may have to expose it in your ViewSet).  It doesn't work quite the same way as the Windchill functionality, but it addresses the same need.  You need to set up one or more Document templates associated with a Library item type (so that the Finder invoked by the "Create from Template" option can display the templates); then the "Create fromTemplate" option will be active.


You are Right!

It addresses to an extent for Segment Types, but it does not support Node and Item type.

Is there similar functionality which covers Node and Item types?


Actually, it does support both the Segment and the Node types of a Document type.  The "template" that you create from when you invoke the "Create from Template" command is an actual Integrity Document instance.  The "Create from Template" command is limited to selecting Documents from libraries that are configured to be Template libraries, and the command simply does a copy of the template Document selected to create your new Document.  So whatever content (Nodes) are defined in the template Document, show up as content in your newly created Document.


Is there a way to Copy only "few selected Nodes" among all Nodes listed under segment when using "Create from Template" option?

In this way only the selected nodes will be copied under the new Document.

Also, per my limited understanding there is no way to create an Item using any template.

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Regarding documents, it is not possible to select nodes when Creating a document from template.

For Items, it is not possible to create an item from template, but you could copy an existing Item and create new items.

Marking the original idea requested as "Current functionality", as it asked about creating document from template

Tag Value
Status: Reviewed by PTC Community Member
Main Category: Items
Sub Category: Template Management
Related Working Group: n/a
Standard Functionality validated: Items, Template Project
Standard Functionality available in Release 11.2: Partially
Workaround exists: Yes
Workaround Description: Define Items as Templates,
or use IBPL Template Technique
see below
Workaround match: 100%
Other known solutions: n/a
Related other Ideas: none identified
Related Questions: none identified
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Next review Milestone: 01/01/2019
Workaround Description:
There are two different options to cover also Items with Templates

Option 1: Template Item

a) You create an item which shall act as template
b) You fill the fields as needed
c) You put this item into a global template project, or a delivery project specific template project
d) A user can now take this template and create a copy from for reuse

Option 2: Template Item with IBPL and Trigger

Very often you want to get more fields copied, which are not "copy" fields. In this case a trigger will help to copy all field values with content over. But, the interesting solution here is that the Template Item can be selected within an IBPL list.

a) the user creates a new item as usual
b) during the creation process he picks a template item within the current item itself (IBPL list: Field Name = Create from Template)
c) when he is saving the item, a custom trigger will copy all fields with values from the template item over into the current item
d) once this copy process is over, the template reference is no more needed, and can be hidden.

I would title this second option the better solution, because it is quite flexible, and a bit easier to handle for the end user.