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View Document as of Baseline XY

View Document as of Baseline XY

A document can be viewed at a specific date: Document -> View as of...   -Date selection

We suggest to add an option to view the label like it is possible at the Gateway Export wizard: Document -> View as of....  [o] Label = "XY"

Related to Case

TitleUse "versions" of documents or content as part of Integrity test management (Integrity Lifecycle Manager)
  • Use versions of test documents or test cases in Integrity Test management
  • How to add relationship from Integrity test session to versioned document/content
  • Ability to walk versioned Integrity document/content to include all related tests
  • In a Test Session Item there are related Test Cases and Test Suites:
    • If double click on one of them it will open as of now and not as it is time stamped on the item
Applies To
  • Integrity Lifecycle Manager Integrity 10.5 to Integrity 10.8
  • ​Not available because the functionality does not exist
  • Reported to R&D as enhancement RFC 960698
  • Please contact PTC Integrity Support if you wish to be associated with this enhancement request

Hello Daniel,

                    I was reviewing your Idea & I think there are multiple Ideas coupled into a single request. If I look at the summary it is "View Document as of Baseline XY" which is available in the current version of the Product. If you look at the snippet below, I think it has what you are looking for.

Please separate the other issues related to Version of Documents for Integrity Test Management into a different Idea so we can better track it.


Kartik Oak

Community Manager
Status changed to: Archived


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