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Wanting the pop-up menu windows is seen at the current monitor not main monitor (ILM)

Wanting the pop-up menu windows is seen at the current monitor not main monitor (ILM)

Customer is using the ILM v10.9.

When the user who uses the dual monitors clicks the ILM field menu(ex: drop-down list menu), some pop-up windows displays on the main (1st) monitor not current (2nd) monitor.

The customer wants that the menu window is popped up at the current monitor where the user clicks the menu not the main monitor.




Note that this should be the case on the admin client as well.


This should be the case for any popup. The monitor where the main client window is located needs to be the initial destination of any popup.

There is a case opened in 2012 describing several related issues:

Document - CS91123

Document Information

Date Created04-Sep-2012
Date Last Updated22-Apr-2016

Document Details

TitleImprove Integrity Client multiple monitor configurations
  • Is it possible to more easily transition from using multiple monitors to using a single monitor?
  • Integrity dialog boxes open off-screen when switching from dual monitors to a single monitor or remoting into workstation
  • Integrity client does not correctly position modal windows or dialogs when switching monitors
  • Client appears non-responsive after opening a dialog window
  • Dialogs are not presented on the correct screen after using a remote connection on the workstation
  • Integrity client behaviour in a multi-monitor environment
  • Client window invisible after editing a type or a field
  • Edit window not visible
  • File browser window does not appear after doing a Member > Add > Add File
  • Subsequent Integrity Window always opened on the main display
Applies To
  • Integrity Lifecycle Manager Integrity 2005 to Integrity 10.7
  • Dialog box coordinates are recorded in <$Home$>\IntegrityClient.rc file
  • The coordinates are not updated correctly after switching monitors
  • The functionality to easily transition from multiple monitors to a single monitor or easily remote into a workstation does not exist yet
  • Reported to R&D as RFC 205873/SPR 5342234
  • Please contact PTC Support if you are encountering this issue

  1. Attempt to reposition the dialog window that opened on an incorrect screen manually using your keyboard:

This should be addressed in the new Web UI that we will be developing.


Since the old Rich Client will continue to exist, this idea should definitely be considered.

In addition: If the client is operated (as an example) on a notebook with further connected monitors, and one of the windows is displayed on one of the external monitors, and the next day the client is operated on this notebook again, but without an external monitor connected, the client will still open the window on the non-existent external monitor. This window is therefore unavailable to the user until he either deletes the client configuration or reconnects an external monitor. This also means that the client can become unusable in such situations, because possible input in a modal window are expected on the non-existent monitor. In such a case, ILM can only be terminated via the Task Manager.

kind regards, Jens


This is still happening in 12.2


I think this will never be fixed. PTC hasn't made any improvements to the client in years, every effort goes to the web UI.

Status changed to: Delivered

Windchill RV&S Client has had fixes incorporated for this area. However, not all issues can be resolved. There is no plan to further develop in this area of the Swing Client.