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im createcontent NewLine

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im createcontent NewLine


after having our test suite, we want to create a bunch of test cases in it which works automatically with: im createcontent...
I am adding an option here to fill in the field in our test case called "text" with the option: --field="Text=Test123"
Now we have the problem that we almost always have a text with newlines in it! In the test case itself I can simply write a text with newline but when I give the command I somehow need the escape character for a newline which is not "\n". So I need to give the command as:

im createcontent --parent .... --field="Text=line1\nline2\line3" ...
But as I said, the \n is not recognized by integrity so it simply writes the \n as it is.
Do you have an information here about what the correct way to do this is?


Ah, it looks like this helps indeed:

  • To insert a newline in Integrity 10 use a caret (^)
    • Example:
im editissue --field=Description='separate^
these lines' <itemID>

  • You must hit enter in the command prompt after typing the caret (^)
    • Instead of executing the command, this will prompt you for more text
    • Hit enter once to create a new line, and enter the remaining text and the item ID on the next line
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Hello Peter,

                          Can you please confirm that the issue is resolved?





Hello Kartik,

yes, this got solved as of that article. Moreover I would add this here: to insert a new line not at the end of the doc, but between 2 existing lines shall work out this way:

im createcontent --insertLocation=[first|last|before:ID|after:ID|[0,...]]

"[0,...] inserts the content at the specified location. If a negative is specified, the content is inserted at the beginning of the list. If the number specified is too large, the content is inserted at the end of the list.

Thanks for your question, BR, Péter

Community Manager
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