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We need more configurable capability of custom menus.


<Case 1>

We can have only 25 user actions.



<Case 2>

In order to add a user action in the middle of existing actions, we have to edit all the actions that follow. This is cumbersome and time-consuming.



In order to add a new action as the 5th action, we have to copy 6th action to 7th, and copy 5th action 6th before editing 5th action.


<Case 3>

All customer menus are shown in a row, and ,when we have a low resolution screen, we can see only a part of them.





We want to have a more configurable capability.

(For example, like request1, request2)




Custom commands of a viewset shall be configurable by CLI


Thank you.

Which command should we use by CLI?

Please teach it.


We are moving towards enhancing thee Web UI, I am not yet sure how will we or whether we implement thee custom actions, so we will come back to this once we decide on how we want to support this in future.

Status changed to: No Plans to Implement

Windchill RV&S is going to add more features and functions in the Refreshed Web UI. There is no plan to enhance the UI/UX aspect of the Swing interface.