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Resource for reporting

Re: Resource for reporting

I noticed the same. Apparently we don't have access to that content on the old site. That's sad but also understandable if they want to "clean up" as content now has been migrated - even

A while ago I manually updated the first 2 links I was interested in to point to the migrated content here on ... as an example here's screenshot of the first one from the document above:

Resource for reporting  PTC Community - Mozilla Firefox.jpg

I did the update by simply searching for "Automatic report creation" in the search box in the banner top right and pasting in the link, striking out the old link etc. Try doing the same with the text "Below returns latest Iteration of each Revision" from the next item to see how it works.

Yeah, it's a *lot* of work ... but in the end we will have:

  • All old content linked to above now living locally here. I guess (hope!) links on here should be able to live on for a pretty long time
  • Still have the full context of each of the links with the original Exploder posts. IMO there's value in that compared to just having e.g. the raw .qml files etc. attached locally

What do you think guys? Is it worth e.g. taking turns or voluntering on updating the links somehow? Or do you have other ideas?

P.S.: I'm not particularly attached to the way I did the formatting. Suggestions are welcome. I just tried to do what I did to somehow leave a trace of what I did to the document (yep, that's probably a habit picked up from working too much with Windchill ;-).

P.P.S.: Kudo's to Marco Tosin‌ for collecting the document above in the first place. It has become a very valuable ressource.

Re: Resource for reporting


I copied the document above and took out everything but the links pointing to the User Portal.



Below returns latest Iteration of each Revision (Mike Lockwood from PTC/User)

List of "types" that one can select for building query builder reports (Mike Lockwood from PTC/User)

Query Builder Report Weirdness (From PTC/User)

Windchill Business Reporting (Avinash Kor from PTC/User)


Access Policy Rules by Context (Dax Williams from PTC/User)

Find rename objects (Lori Lee Sood)

List of users (Mike Lockwood from PTC/User)

Policy rules (Darren Storey)

Policy rules (same format as displayed by Policy Administration applet)

Reporting - Groups and Users (Shreyas Atre from PTC/User)

User login date (Dax Williams from PTC/User)

Product Team Listing (Steven Rector from PTC/User)


Change Request Workflow Tasks (Lewis Lawrence from PTC/User)

ECN and the count of WTParts for that ECN (Dax Williams from PTC/User)

Query builder report of all the assignees of Change Notice/Change Activity in Windchill (PTC TS)

QML (total of 6) for getting affected and resulting object of CN (Shreyas Atre from PTC/User)

Report to return the objects in a Change Request (Shreyas Atre from PTC/User)

Released Part Version (Revisions) Linked to Changes (Lewis Lawrence from PTC/User)

Change Record Status - Open (Steven Rector from PTC/User)


Checked out CAD Documents (Christophe Laudou from PTC/User)

EPMDoc that have been modified in a given period (Darren Storey from PTC/User)

Query to get downstream MPMLink parts from Design view WTParts (Mike Lockwood from PTC/User)

Query Builder: Soft Type attributes for EPMDoc (NacNac Mott from PTC/User)

Report from WTPart to EPMDocument including the family table values (Mike Lockwood from PTC/User)

WTParts with Associated Described By Documents (Mike Lockwood from PTC/User)


All the outstanding workflow work items for the current user (Darren Storey from PTC/User)

All info of interest for all Workflow Activities from a give workflow template (Mike Lockwood from PTC/User)


QML to generate URL for document (Shreyas Atre from PTC/User)


How to report "Release Date" of WTPart? (from PTC/User)

WTParts not been published to ERP system (Marco Tosin from PTC/User)

Re: Resource for reporting

Marc - can you confirm you're getting an authorization error on all the links provided above? I'd like to minimize the amount of changes we make to the original document, so tracking down exactly where you're seeing errors is critical.

Re: Resource for reporting

Ryan Kelley‌, I checked them all and removed one that worked, and found one other that pointed to the PTC Tech Support Site and removed that one too.  The remaining links all fail to reach the appropriate destination.


Re: Resource for reporting

Marco, the second to the last one - OIR export - is supposed to be included in the next major release in December (10.3 / 11.0).

Re: Resource for reporting

Thanks again, Marc. I've followed up with the team who maintains the PTC/USER portal to ask how we can alleviate this permissioning issue. Stay tuned.

Re: Resource for reporting

Thanks for your info Tom.


Re: Resource for reporting

Ryan Kelley‌  any status update available concerning this?

I ran into a situation today where the solution was listed in the document. but unavailable due to the broken links.  Very frustrating.

- marc

Re: Resource for reporting

Hey Marc - I've reached out to the administrator of the PTC/USER site to see if they can fix the user permissions on their ends but have yet to hear back. I'm just ramping up after a week on vacation and will reach out to them again.