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Resource for reporting

Re: Resource for reporting

Added link in the TIPS and TRICKS section:

How to create a query builder report that accepts multiple inputs (PTC TS)

How to hide the "Saved Reports" for particular user (PTC TS)

Query Builder Report displays duplicate entries (PTC TS)

Query builder report to fetch all the values of the multivalued attribute in single row (PTC TS)


Re: Resource for reporting

Added link as shown below.


Multi-valued attributes display multiple times within a Query Builder report

Possibility to make reports in the query builder default to search in the current container

Search on Windchill Report Builder are case sensitive though the Select criteria is "like"

Where is the documentation for how to add Business Reporting to an existing Windchill installation?


Global Attribute Enumeration

How to export all ACL's related to a specific user

Query builder report to fetch product, role and user from role

Query builder report to fetch "last logged in" of users

Query Builder Report to list all objects shared between projects

Query Builder report to show folders with associated domains


How to get "Promoted on" attribute into a Change Notice report

Query Builder report for counting the Affected Objects in a Problem Report


Query Builder report to fetch checked out objects in user's workspace

Query builder report to fetch the EPMDocuments having annotation


In which database tables are stored the workflow execution objects?

QML report returning runtime routing list for Setup Participants from a workflow

Report to find out values of Promotion Preferences


Query builder report to list Documents from folder

Report to find WTDocuments went for Approval Routing in Windchill ProjectLink

Report to search for Documents by Effectivity

What are the tables and joins required for generating a query builder report for Documents without any Primary Content and Attachments


How to create a Where Used report for WTParts

QML Report to to show association between Deviation and it's associated WTPart

Query builder report to list WTParts from folder

Query Builder Report to list all the OEM part which do not have AML\AVL Part associated

Query builder report to fetch parts at level 0 in structure tab

Which Database tables store classification attributes in Windchill PartsLink


Change Requests not automatically associated with corresponding Problem Report

Failed to delete some report templates from Site>Utilities>Report Management

Generating a report from Context > Reports > Change Request Logs caused MethodServer to crash with OutOfMemoryError

Reports imported or created at Organization level are not available for non-admin users on Homepage

Report Builder is inadvertently removing a condition from the subquery while attempting to modify the qml with user entered data

Using Date Picker in a OOTB Report in a browser that is not in English results a "Timestamp format" Error


Re: Resource for reporting

Added link as shown below


How to create bar chart report with number of records created in each month

Use of Options in the Select Tab of Report Manager

Information regarding how to use the Query Builder functions

How can a report be run on a schedule and emailed to a user in Windchill PDMLink?

Query builder report to display "Comments" column of Object

How to allow users to see all part numbers even though they do not have access to all parts?

How to add Info (Details Page) button and email links in query builder reports

Query Builder Criteria Logic for getting last month

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT (User/Roles/Group/ACL's/Generic Report for different object)

How to generate a Query builder report to display Maturity History of the object

How to get "Download" event information in Security Audit Reporting

Query Builder report to fetch latest version of WTDocument,EPMDocument and WTPart in Library Context for particular state

QML Report to list all the Users in Organization

How to list Classification Nodes and their related attributes

QML report to retrieve the Distinguished Name of all Users

Query builder report for listing prohibit publishing objects

Is there a way to Search Check in comments for CAD or Documents


How to create a visual monitor report that shows open, in progress and complete Change Requests

Query builder report to fetch problem report with associated part

Change object Date Completed


How to get a list of all family table instances with a status of "Unverified" or "Unknown"

Query Builder Report to fetch the universally uploaded object

How to build a report for latest version of EPMDocuments


QML report to count the number of documents by different document types


QML report to query latest version of all WTParts

How to get a query builder report for Classification details for Parts and/or Part Structure

Query builder report to list WTParts of particular view

How to create a Query Builder report to list all Parts that do not have Parent Part


When a variable is used in Select and Criteria section of Query Builder with Input Parameter, report page generated doesn't display alias name of variable in Input Parameters section

Not able to Save reports having Chart using Organization Admin user giving secured action error

Failed to export the results generated for Reports using Report Manager

Information or Details page for Report Templates shows Creator attribute value as ???createdby??? where creator is not available

Data monitor criteria filter for created on time of "Yesterday" not covering entire day

In Report Builder, like operator does not returns exact searched string

Report result will not be merged even select the "HTML (with merging)" in "Generate Legacy Mode Output"

Soft types created at the organization level not available in Query Builder launched from "Site" > "Utilities"


Re: Resource for reporting


I'm looking to build a report that gives me the number of days spent at each state for each Change Notice. Can anyone recommend how to do this using functions within the Query Builder?



Re: Resource for reporting


I suggest you a couple of things.

First: you should create a dedicated discussion with your request, because you made it in an article.

Second: if you can't get an answer in few days, and have an active maintenance, you should also submit your request to PTC support.

Many of the reports linked in my document are taken from article written by TS.


Re: Resource for reporting

Thanks Marco, will do that now

Re: Resource for reporting

Hi ,

  I just posted a large amount of reports to the group. I do believe there are a few in regards to process and activity completion time. Please take a look at these reports and see if one can be modified to meet your need.

‌, Please feel free to add these to the document as needed.

Best Regards,


Re: Resource for reporting

Hi Dax,

thanks for sharing your reports.

I'll take a look into them and then I'll link your reports in my document.


Re: Resource for reporting

Hi Dax, thanks for these. These will come in useful!

Re: Resource for reporting

Added link to reports taken from Dax Williams documents.


Action Item with Workflow Process

Attribute Ids by Name

Attribute Info

Document Template Info

User Login Audit

User Login Totals

User Specified Preferences


Quantity of Measure

Report Manager Report List

Team Template Info

Part Version Scheme

Lifecycle Template Info

Library_Product_Project Templates

Total EPMDocuments and File Size by Context

WTDocuments with File Size