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AutoCAD drawings in Intralink 3.4


AutoCAD drawings in Intralink 3.4

When we were using Intralink 3.3 I defined a new object type "AutoCAD
Drawing" and imported 1000's of AutoCAD drawings into Intralink.

In 3.4 PTC added a new default object type "DWG" for AutoCAD DWG files.
This object type is now automatically used by Intralink whenever I add new
AutoCAD dwg files to Commonspace.

I'm also starting to get some other conflicts having both of these defined.
Has anyone dealt with this already?
I would like to have just 1 type defined, which would have to be "DWG"
since it's now the standard one.

I suspect an SQL script changing the object type from "AutoCAD Drawing" to
"DWG" for all the original files would probably work, but I was hoping
someone out there might have some advice before I consider messing around
with something like that.


AutoCAD drawings in Intralink 3.4

You need to modify all of your AutoCAD to one reference, and delete the
second one from the Intralink Object Types.

This really messed me up because I ended up with multiple definitions
for excel workbooks when we updated to 3.4

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