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Automatically checkout of templates


Automatically checkout of templates

If I point the

* start_modell_dir
* template_designasm
* template_drawing
* template_tolidpart

to the commonspace I have the problem, that when creating a new part or
assy the parameter widow does not appear.
But that´s not the only problem:

when I create a new part with an associated drawing and save the part a
ghost object is appearing in workspace: tempalte.asm. I am sure that´s
because template.drw is connected with template.prt and template.prt. If
I try to open the associated drawing an error message occurs which says:
template.asm is not available.
So my question is: is there a way to push an automatic checkout of all
the template files?

By the way: if I use the templates not from Commonspace but from a
networkdrive the parameter window appears...

Thanks in advance

Mit freundlichen Grüssen,

Rainer Harter

Re: Automatically checkout of templates

May I know why you are not trying the model_Dir location to point the local drives where these templates are kept?

Or you can choose to have a network drive as well where you can place the standard templates and point the config option to this location. I am trying to figure out why you are struggling with Common Space, when we such options which makes life easy.!