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Creation of wtparts during migration ?


Creation of wtparts during migration ?

We're currently in the process of migrating from Intra 3.4 to Windchill PDM Link. We're at the point of discussing creation of wtparts. Ideally we would like to have the wtparts for all proe .prt and .asm files created during the migration, as we've been told this can be done. Outr thinking is we would rather have all the wtparts created upfront (even if we dont use all of them) than rather have to manually create as them as needed. With 9 years of data (40,000 files) in Intralink, having to manually create the wtparts seems like a never ending project.

Another question is parameters for wtparts. Currently all our proe parts and assemblies have cleary defined and filled in parameters. Would it make sense to fill in these same parameters with the WTparts ? Just seems like it would be an admin headache to have toinsure wtpart parameters match the corresponding proe parameters.

If anyone has any advice / experience with these topics I would appreciate to hear your ideas.


Creation of wtparts during migration ?

Adding and starting to use WTParts & Product Structure is turning out to
be a lot like going from 2D to 3D CAD, but times 10.

We migrated from Intralink 3.4 to PDMLink 8 in Feb 2007 and did not
create WTParts. We haven't yet fully convinced ourselves how we want to
use this functionality; we're extremely glad that we did not create
WTParts as part of the migration.

We've also convinced ourselves thru extensive testing that Windchill
PDMLink is simply not mature enough yet to manage Product Stucture as a
Pro/E activity (via a Workspace) if you use any of the sophisticated
Pro/E tools. One primary reason: one almost never models with the same
structure used for manufacture. In order to tackle this, you either
need to constrain the design to a great degree, or get into using the
View Network (major complexity). You also need to very clearly think
thru many issues related to using attributes, alternates and
substitutes, possible Part subtyping, etc.

a) Migrate with out WTParts (it will be overwhelming to try to support
users with all the differences between PDMLink and Intralink as well as
having WTParts in the mix all at once from the Monday after migration)
b) Spend a good long time being convinced if you want to add later, and
c) Study a lot about BOM's

great book here:

Creation of wtparts during migration ?

There is supposed to be a Bulk WTPart creator in 8.0 M050. So if you want to
do a migration without creating WTparts (which could be a very long process
depending on how well purge was used in 3.x)

With the Bulk WTPart creator you can create WTParts per product and be
specific about the types you want to create.

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