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DRW's to PDFs & thumbnails

RE: DRW's to PDFs & thumbnails

I finally got my thumbnail worker to work, with ptc support (Bridget Reagan, who is master of publishing).

I will dump doc content here & attached doc with images. Dumping here, so users can search & find some of the terms.

DRW PDF Thumbnail Worker Creation Steps:

These steps are for Windchill 10.0 M020 & Creo View Adapters 1.0 M020. Windchill 10.1 suggestions will be included, but have not been tested.

These steps are assuming the ProE Worker is already installed, configured & working. Along with your DRW’s are publishing to PDF’s.

From PTC Guide MCADAdaptersInstallConfigGuide.pdf (Normally C:\ptc\creo_view_adapters\documentation\MCADAdaptersInstallConfigGuide.pdf)


On the remote publishing system: Install Acrobat Reader X (10) for Windchill 10.0 or Reader XI (11) for Windchill 10.1.

Below is as Acrobat Reader download link, which has 10 & 11.

You will need to turn off default Security settings. Open the Reader Window & Select “Edit” & “Preferences”.

For Reader X (10), select “General” in the “Categories” on the left.
Select “General” & make sure to uncheck the “Enable Protected Mode at startup” checkbox at the bottom of the “Preferences” Window.

Click "Select Default PDF Handler" also. This will re-set the default PDF handler. This might want to restart your machine. Restart Later, so you can apply the Enable settings changes. Then select “OK” to apply the changes.

For Acrobat Reader XI (11), select “Edit” & “Preferences” again.
But instead select “Security (Enhanced)” in the “Categories” on the left.

Then select the “Protected View” “Off” radio button. Then select “OK” to apply the changes.

This step might need to be done later, but the step is required before the Thumbnail worker will work.


Run \pview_batch\resources\acrobat\CreoView_Acrobat_Plugin.msi

Normally C:\ptc\creo_view_adapters\pview_batch\resources\acrobat\CreoView_Acrobat_Plugin.msi

I don’t have an image of the config window, because after it works, it won’t appear again.

But it explains itself & will let you know if you have the wrong Acrobat Reader version.

I accepted default install location folder.


Using Windows Explorer, browse to the “\bin” directory & Double-click pvsthumb_config.exe.

The “Thumbnail Generator Configuration” dialog box opens.

In the window labeled “Server Host”, enter the Windchill Server Host.Domain. If the “Server Port” does not default to 5600, enter that port.

You can choose whatever “Setup Directory” folder that you desire, I think.

Make sure “Enable PDF Support”, “Create pvsthumbbatch” & “Create pvsthumbworker” are all checked.

Then select “Setup” & “Exit” to complete the configuration.

This Configuration tool creates the important “C:\pvsthumb_setup\pvsthumbworker.bat” & multiple other files as shown in image below:

The “C:\pvsthumb_setup\pvsthumbworker.bat” path & file are used when Configuring your THUMBNAIL worker.

To verify you are using the proper settings, you should use the same “Server Host” & “Server Port” as your ProE Worker.

To obtain those, you can go to the proe_setup folder & Double Click the “adapter.pvi” to view the ProE Worker Configuration:

The “Creo Parametric Adapter Configuration” window will appear:

Make sure to select “Exit” & not “Setup”, because you are only viewing this info.

In am effort to verify your ProE worker configuration settings & copy for the THUMBMAIL worker.


To create your THUMBNAIL worker, you go to Windchill in your web browser & Select “Site” & “Utilities”. Select “Worker Agent Administration”.

Select the “Configure” link.

From the Window that appears, select “Add Worker”:

Select “THUMBNAIL” worker drop down options & “Next”:

Select “A different Windows NT machine” & “Next”.

In the “Execute command” text area, enter the previously created bat & path: “C:\pvsthumb_setup\pvsthumbworker.bat”.

Set any other options as shown below. Then Select “Next”.

Then enter “601” in the “Port Number” text area & select “Next”.

Enter “\\\worker” for “Windchill Machine Path” & “c:\ptc\worker” for “” “Path (Worker):”.

These are the same as your ProE Worker settings. Or you can select your own, I think. Then Select “Next”.

Verify Your Settings & Select “Apply”.

Selecting “Apply” should take you back to the “Worker Agent Administration” Window. If not, go there from “Site” & “Utilities”.

Your THUMBNAIL Worker should show. It or Both Workers might not have “Status” On. Just as you would start you PROE Worker, Either select “Start all” to catch both, or select the Non On Worker(s). Any Green Flag warrants a Start. Mouse over Flags to view what they stop/start.


To specify the use of a thumbnail worker, instead of a locally installed thumbnail generator, set “thumbnail.usecadagent=true” in the file.

Through site.xconf:



Then run “xconfmanager –p” from a Windchill Shell, to propagate in Windchill & update your settings.

Stop/Start Windchill to update.

Step 4 & 5, might need to be changed in order.
Or “Stop All” & “Start All” of Workers or Monitors might need to be repeated, after changing

Any of the above 5 steps might need to be adjusted in order, but they are all required.

If anybody catches an error or typo, plese let me know & I will update this post, the doc, etc

L Jett,

RE: DRW's to PDFs & thumbnails

I am also attaching the doc with images to change your DRW publishing from PLT (OOTB) to PDF.

Content here for searching:

To change your DRW Representation Publishing to PDF (instead of OOTB PLT), you should drag proe2pv.rcp ( recipe file which resides in folder: C:\ptc\creo_view_adapters\proe_setup) over to icon for rcpedit.exe ( recipe editor, which resides in folder: C:\ptc\Creo 1.0\Common Files\M010\apps\prodview\bin ). Folder names/locations could differ on your installation.

Then the recipe editor window should open. If you select the Advanced Tab & Miscellaneous Tab, you can see the Drawing Output Menu option. It defaults to HPGL. Change it to PDF. Then select Save & Exit.

The final step to update system is to Reload the configuration on the Creo View Publishing Server &/or Application:

In Windchill Browser as wcadmin, select “Site”, “Utilities”, “Worker Agent Administration”.

Select in this order: 1 (Stop all), 2 (Reload), 3 (Start all). Then select Close at bottom Right.

The order could be what worked for me & a different order could work also.

L Jett

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