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Disable/Hide Views for WTParts


Disable/Hide Views for WTParts

Hello community,

it should be possible to delete/disable/hide views (like Design, Manufacturing) having objects without performing a reassign View reg. CS24135

If a view represents a plant which is no longer used but there are objects using this view already, you are not able to diasble/hide the view. In this case the view can be used but it is not allowed to be used.

When creating a new View Version / Downstream the view should not be available.

Thank you for your support.


Stefan Petras


sounds very useful as soon as you need it. So far we were lucky but we do shut down plants from time to time and it would be a real problem if we could not get rid of invalid plants.

Would it not be more appropriated to have a specific status (archived / obsolete/ plant closed, etc) for the part view?

Interesting idea... But since plant views are WTParts and have already a LifeCycle, I guess there is an additional status field necessary to indicate the plant status.

Loïc, you are almost right. Once a part is phased out (maybe because the plant has been closed, but this does not matter here), the part should get a status like "obsolete". But the issue here is that you could still assign the closed plant to a new part (by accident) because today you cannot get rid of that plant in the menu.

5-Regular Member

Hi Stefan,


You can consider below options to achieve desired functional behavior:

1. Implement an UI Validator to disable the create new part wizard for these specific plant views.  (or)

2. Use JS to disable the wizard as soon as user selected undesired plant view.


Best Regards,
Ravi Kandepu.


Hi Ravi,


thanks for your proposal.


I found an ootb function:


"Site\Preferences\Associativity\List of applicable views" This seems to work.