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Exporting PDF's from PDMLink

Exporting PDF's from PDMLink

Great thread, I know Lawrence put a lot of work into that customization.

RE: Exporting PDF's from PDMLink

Yep, lots of time spent...ha...ha

There are 2 methods for this tool:
1) Actions from Windchill DRW details page or product/library page.
2) Command line where DRW number is an argument.

But we need Hans to respond on whether he needs one at a time or all DRW's in his system.
Now is that all or Released state only, etc.

I could easily create a 2nd java program to cycle through all or Released state, or all DRW's of a specific state (maybe other than Released). But I want to hear from Hans on what he really wants.

If he wants one at a time, then the program linked above, might cover his needs.

If he wants all DRWS, all Released or other state, I can write that code, but I dont want to break out the vmware, if the existing works for him.

I have existing code to cycle through all epmdocs & then DRW's. I could insert that into a new version of dlRep_main, so it then output all DRW associated PDFs &/or PLT's if wanted.

It also wants an argument for download folder, so you could do this nightly & write to a new date stamped folder each night.

But I dont want to write this code, then Hans never comes back for it. Wasted effort.

Unless some one else here actually uses the original & wants the other created & will use it.

If I do this, my original intent will be for a State (Released) to be an argument on the command line, in case others want a different or multiple states.

Now lets see if anyone is watching over the weekend, because I might be on the road early next week, to the next job...yeahhhh.

Let me know.

Larry Jett;
where mail gets noticed quicker.

Just thought of something. If you set the drawing number argument to % (wildcard), it might download all epmdocs or just drawings with associations. You might try to %.drw or %.DRW.

I cant recall if have the dlRep_main to cycle through all epmdocs that it finds that match drawing number argument or only cycle through once.

command line would be:

java ext.dlRep_main c:\temp % pdf


java ext.dlRep_main c:\temp %.drw pdf

I will try to test later, but my slow computer & vmware hog are making things rough.

Let me know if anybody tries.

L Jett

In Reply to keith schmitt:

have you tried this?

RE: Exporting PDF's from PDMLink

Thats shows that memory does go with old age. Even my readme on this, shows it should do all epmdocs:

RE: Exporting PDF's from PDMLink

2 things on this:<br /><br />1)<br /><br />I did find that the command line class will run the wildcard alone (%) &amp; will grab all DRW epmdocs &amp; download the associated PDF or PLT.<br /><br />java ext.dlRep_main &lt;download folder="&gt; &lt;number search=" string="&gt; &lt;content type="&gt;<br /><br />java ext.dlRep_main C:\TEMP % pdf<br /><br />You can use plt instead here, if desired.<br /><br />So if the original request of this post was to download all DRW pdf's, it should do that.<br /><br />2)<br /><br />Some one emailed me &amp; asked that I write one to only download epmdoc DRW's in RELEASED state.<br /><br />AbraCadabra - *&amp;^!@%$#$<br /><br /><br /><br />java ext.dlRep_Rel_main &lt;download folder="&gt; &lt;number search=" string="&gt; &lt;content type="&gt;<br /><br />java ext.dlRep_Rel_main C:\TEMP % pdf<br /><br />You can use plt instead here also, if desired.<br /><br />After dealing with theslow laptop &amp; hog vmware, I was able to test &amp; write the new code.<br /><br />I wanted to write it to where any LC State could be entered as last argument (RELEASED, PRODUCTION, PRE-RELEASED, etc), but I only had one request &amp; was tired of the vmware &amp; slow activity there, to spend the extra time to write additional code.<br /><br />Along with the fact that not many will want other than RELEASED. But if you dont want LC State control &amp; want to download all epmdoc PDF's/PLT's, the original program does that.<br /><br />If some one does want PRODUCTION, instead of RELEASED, then I can write ot later &amp;/or just find/replace in the java source included in the above linked zip.<br /><br />L Jett<br />;

Exporting PDF's from PDMLink

Hi All,
... and thanks for all the replies! It was so massive response so I haven't been able to go through all information.

I will go through all tips, ideas and solutions over the next week or so and I will then post the solution that resolved my issue.

Thanks again.

Hans Berg

RE: Exporting PDF's from PDMLink

I will test this. I need to see released PDFs only in a folder.

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